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June 4, 2003
woo hoo of course you guys won!!!you are all so awesome and i cant wait
to see all the good things that are ahead for you guys. the most
beautiful song is "lay down your head" cant wait to see you guys soon!!

June 3, 2003
great show

June 3, 2003
Hello my name is Mandy Lowey and I am a huge fan of yours. I think that
you are a talented group and really rock. I was wondering is it too much
to ask for an autographed photo? 
Keep the beat rocking

June 3, 2003
so, ive seen this band only once and im thrilled. i bought the full circle cd
and am playing it non-stop. im curious as to how they got that name though...

May 31, 2003
hey...i was just wondering if you guys are ever going to come to Texas any 
time soon!
Love, a fan from San Antonio

May 31, 2003
These guys are awesome. You need to check them out

May 31, 2003
Outstanding! Looking forward to your play in Japan sometime in near future!

May 29, 2003
hey guys it lacey, umm i am just checking to see where i could talk with
you kids friday night, i am so stoked for the show (you guys kick ass) so
go team! umm im trying to get marie's butt out here, but ill call her
again later tonight, if you want to email her or her parents trying to
get her out here, ill give you their email adresses....(be on my side, i
wanna see her!!!) alrighty see ya tomorow night kids...rock out!!!
PS...i am shaking w/ peace

May 28, 2003
hey, are you guys ever going to tour ca? we (or at least i) want you
to come here. if you do, i would love to book you for some shows. laters.

May 27, 2003
hey im jessica and i live in springfield missouri pretty much and i love
you guys but i cant find your cd anywhere and im not smart enough to figure
out how to download it or anything. but anyways do you guys know where i
can find your cd? i think im going to go on a trip just to go down to
denver to get it but im not sure where to find it down there so if you

could please email me back and tell me where to find it in denver i would
be so happy. thanks i love you guys - you're awesome!

May 25, 2003
hurt me badly is the best song in the world

May 22, 2003
awesome sound
josh tarrant

May 21, 2003
hey guys,
I'm new to this stuff and you guys just happened to be the first
band I listened to. Your name caught my eye before anyone else's and your
music kicks. I'm assuming that major label attention can't be too far off
for you guys. Catchy logo too.
Trevor Mason

May 20, 2003
You guys ROCK I love the album!

May 20, 2003
they are the grooviest! you go guys 

May 19, 2003
I know how everything is nowadays with copyright laws and all that jazz,
so I figured I'd email you before doing anything. I'm looking to add some
background music to a webpage of mine, and thought I had better e-mail
asking for permission to use one of your songs (Lay Down Your Head).
I would of course give credit where credit is due and link you right
next to the music stream. I only get like 100 hits a day, but that's
better than nothing I suppose. If no, it's not a problem, my webpage
can live without the background music :)

May 16, 2003
Well, Hot diggidy dog! You boys gone done won that big ol' Hollywood movie
contest. Congratulations! Have fun in LA.

May 15, 2003
Hey, Good job I'm happy that you won the contest and I can't wait to see
the movie.  I am praying for you guys so that you will have more open
doors to shine the the light. Thank you for rockin and being awesome.

May 15, 2003
You guys need to buy capes, or at least masks.

May 15, 2003
Congratulations on the Sol Goode record deal contest.
Could not have gone to a better band.
Regards, Brandon Scott
Puerto, Spain

May 15, 2003
I see you guys won the record deal contest for sol goode movie, that's
a great accomplishment I am so glad to see it finally working out for
you guys. We here in Dallas enjoy what you guys are putting on the
airways and are supporting you 100%. Looking forward to see you guys
on the 4th of July.
Devoted Fan, Mike

May 14, 2003
Congrats, I am so happy for you guys. This is awesome
that you won. I voted for you guys every day since
the email. Well good luck in all you do and God Bless.

May 13, 2003
hey i hope you guys win, you guys deserve it. how can i get a copy of
your guy's new songs? im really interested in hearing your new stuff so
please let me know!!!

May 10, 2003
Keep rockin on
Michael Ghea

May 10, 2003
it's butter

May 8, 2003
Cant wait to see you guys perform the 30th

May 8, 2003
i love ur music and i loved that song too, I just wanted to say
thanks again for the autograph you sent a while back, I appreciate
it, if you ever need another vote, email me. Holla

May 8, 2003
I love your band. I know all the songs on your album by heart.
I've let my friends down here listen to it and they fell in love
with it. Almost everybody down here now has your C.D. Love Ya songs.
hey by the way im listening for ya on Real World/Road Rules.
Love, Jules

May 7, 2003
you guys rock!

May 6, 2003
Good Tune!!!
Thanks From KY.

May 2, 2003
Yo, been listening for a while, stumbled accross and have ever since
been pleased, keep up the good work and whenever you guys come to NC, hopefully
I'll know and be there...keep up the good work, l8rz...
Brad M

May 1, 2003
Are you guys coming out here at all?
Even if your not I'll probably be able to see you in colorado when I
come home in May. It looks like you guys are doing some pretty cool stuff,

May 1, 2003

You guys got this one in the bag .. There are about 4 decent tunes...
but the strongest competition (probably Rumbling Fish and Robinhood)
missed the boat on the thematics. Not that it was a requirement to
submit a 'theme song'.. but... heck... why not? I mean.. the lead
character is "Sol Goode" and there were only 3 bands to play with that??
Regarding the other 2 "all good"-ish songs: well... even tho I initially
thought the Mack Dawg tune was a bit corny at first... it actually grew
on me after another listen.. but it ain't gonna make the cut. If it does
it would be a longshot sleeper. The Sean Ray Koos tune... oh man...
It was doing just fine til they got to the chorus! :) She's 'SOUL' good?
Missed the boat. Anyways.. I don't wanna trash the other bands :) but,
just wanted to give ya some support. I gave ya a '10'
You guys deserve a huge break. Accidental Superhero for president !
Lenny -

May 1, 2003
The CD is fantastic! My favorite is "Stop Me on the Way Down."

April 30, 2003
Cool! I really get a real reply from you! ...
Man I wish you hit it big on the international...Here in the Philippines
people don't know you ... I had to explain who you are what your music is like
to Tower Records when I was looking if they got your CD. Grrrr....I try my best
to refer as many as I can to your and ur website so they really get to
hear how you guys sound.
Wish you all the best hope you launch an international CD. Googoodolls, was
famous for sometime in Manila you know and as a guitarist myself, I know you
guys are way way better than them! the riffs the cuts, the tempo...You gotta
hit it big Im sure. Mucho Lucko

April 29, 2003
hey guys. wow congrates on making the top 10 thats awesome. hey i missed your
shows in Colorado is there any other times you guys are coming because i am so
excited to hear your new stuff i bet its just as great. anyways i gotta story.
my boyfriend and i broke up and i played him the miss you like crazy song and he
fell in love with it - i won him over with your song. Thank you sooooo much-
keep up the good work and good luck - mallory

April 29, 2003
I stumbled upon your music and I absolutely LOVE you guys!!! Your
lyrics, your sound, EVERYTHING! Keep it up!

April 26, 2003
You guys rock.

April 25, 2003

April 25, 2003
I would have to say I absolutely LOVE "Hurt Me Badly". And it would be a great
radio tune. Best of luck guys!

April 25, 2003
I am building a website for teens. I was wondering if I could interview you for
my website. It would be a good way to promote your music, and I'd love to put
you on my webpage! I could even have a contest on you. Like you could send me a
few autographed pictures or CDs and I could have a contest, and whoever wins
would get the autographed stuff. Just an idea.If you want to talk more about
it, just e-mail me back.

April 23, 2003
I just listened to your music and i really like it!!!!
The band is really melodic keep it up.
Del Addessi

April 23, 2003
Howdy...I've been following up this awesome band for the past two
years, and all I can truly say is that I can't wait for their cd to hit the
eastcoast stores!!! Peace, Love, and Happiness, Iman : ) butterflies

April 23, 2003

April 22, 2003
are you ever going to be performing in cheyenne? i thought i read that 
somewhere, and now i can't find that on your site. please let me know if you 
are. you also might consider scottsbluff, NE for a tour stop. a well known 
local band, cool by association, has a pretty large fan base of people who 
listen to music like yours.
k, please write back and let me know if you'll be in cheyenne and when. 
thanks, beth

April 20, 2003
Hey guys.. i've emailed you before and told ya how much i love the band..
don't worry i still do.. but i'm pissed off.. i went to seattle to tower
records to see if they have yur cd... but of course.. just like all the
other places.. i checked they don't.. *sigh* and i can't DL music on my
comp anymore so.. i guess i'll jut have to buy it through the mail.. or
if i'm lucky you guys will just come to washington *wink wink* lol..
keep rockin, much love
-Callan from WA

April 15, 2003
You guys rule; get your asses touring Canada!

April 17, 2003
Hey, just wanted to let you guys know that you guys were
awesome at the Gothic Theatre.  I've been listening to a few of your
songs from you current album and....Oh My God, they are good.  You guys
are great  musicians and I know you guys are going to be so huge in the
near future.  Keep up the Great Music and I will be looking for your
performances. (( You Know Good Music When You Hear It ! ))

April 17, 2003
dont ask me how i found out about you guys but you're really
mondo good. good luck

April 15, 2003
you guys rock!!!!
Rachel from Indiana

April 13, 2003
yeah you guys are cool! i'm from australia tho, come here!

April 13, 2003
I just want to take a sec and tell you how
amazing your Full Circle CD is - I haven't stopped listening to it, it's
wonderful.  I would have to say my favorite song is Lay Down Your Head,
it's very very very well written!  Well, thanx a bunch!

April 12, 2003
HEY! you guys really did do so awesome last night, i was almost blown away.
and now that i have checked, ricky and i did get some sweat on us, i was
happy :-)  i will definitely bother you guys, and i will see marie tomorrow
and get a heads up, and email some people. i was so stoked to finally meet
all of you guys, and you guys are the nicest people. keep on rocking out.

April 12, 2003
Hello, You guys are the greatest. Your sound is so different than any other
band I've heard. I was wondering (and hoping ) if Accidental Superhero was
going to go on a U.S tour anytime soon. If so please stop in Connecticut area.

April 11, 2003
DAMN IT! when the hell are you all coming to pittsburgh?
start your tour of the u.s.! - lots of love,

April 9, 2003
Hey guys, 
Just wanted to wish you a great show. I'm headed to California tomorrow on a
business trip. Won't be back until next week, so I can't make the show this
weekend. I really hope it goes well. Rock hard. 
Sincerely, Adam Holz

April 8, 2003
I just wanted to send you guys a quick line and let you know how much I enjoy
your music. I am sure you hear it a lot but hopefully you won't mind hearing
it again. I became a fan after the first time I heard "Hurt Me Badly" almost
a year ago. I purchased my first copy of your CD from MP3 two days after I
first heard AS, and have bought two more copies since then because I wore the
first one out. Full Circle has pretty much held the top spot in my cd changer
from day one. I can honestly say there is not a bad song on the cd. I get the
impression from your articles and your website that you are a bunch down to
earth kind of guys, so hopefully this won't go to your heads, lol:) but you
have a fantastic thing going, so dont give it up. It has been a while since I
have really been excited about a new band(I know you are not exactly new but
at least relatively new for me) and I cant wait to see how far you go. I have
kind of a knack for picking hits and have only been wrong twice in the last ten
years once when the band broke up before they made it and the other time when
the label the band eventually signed with didnt give them the proper backing
(maybe I went into the wrong line of work and really should have been an A&R
rep, lol). I almost never take the time to write bands and commend them on
their work, so hopefully you will take this as a compliment. I have a brother
in the music industry and I know how difficult it is and how much work it can
be, but keep it up because you have really got something there.
Anyway, I wish you lots of deserved success that I know it will soon come.
Buenas Suerte, Brandon Scott

April 7, 2003
hey guys, I'll Finally be in town for a show!! I'll be heading up from
durango for the weekend. Hope to see you guys live finally!
Nate Mapson

April 7, 2003
high musicality - high replay value!

March 31, 2003
hi - if u get to see this i'll be over the moon about it,
i think you're talented
Amina in London

March 28, 2003
hey guys: 
right now i am listening to your cd i brought of you guys. i liked how it
was autographed, which really makes me like your music and you guys alot.
so far listening to the cd is really uplifting, especially when you had a
long 3 weeks like i did.But anyways just want to thank you guys for writing
awesome music, and sharing it with all the fans including me. hey keep up
the awesome work you guys are doing. hey i was wondering did you guys hear
from any record companies yet and if you did, did they like. if not i still
like and if i was a major record producer i would sign you guys anytime.
well stay strong for your poetic words and music, because i have a strong
feeling you guys are going to make it big. hey hope my letter to you guys,
gives you encouragement,strenght,joy and all the emotions that make your
music worth listening to. well gotta go cuz i am getting sleepy, I am so
glad it is the weekend(yahoo). 
sincerely, brian b.

March 25, 2003
Will probably burn out the motor on my cd players listening to your new
audio delicacy! Jealous of those lucky fans who have had the pleasure of
seeing you live. Keep on rockin'!
David in San Diego

March 25, 2003
Just wanted to let you know I got my autographed CD in the mail. I had been
planning on getting the CD and when you sent the offer for the autographed
one I knew I couldn't put it off any longer. Instead of getting one in the
mail, I received two. I would like to send you a mail order for the extra
one and will pass it along to a friend. Who can I make it out to and will
the return address (brave world) from the box the CD came in get back to you?
The CD is absolutely wonderful, I ripped it onto my XBOX so I can leave the CD
in the car for my listening pleasure. I will keep checking out your web page
for tour dates in the hopes that you guys make it to sunny San Diego (before
I get transferred out of here). From the looks of things I would have better
luck if I still lived in Topeka, Ks. Please keep us folk in the military in
your prayers, we sure can use them. Your fan on the West Coast,
Davy in the Navy (and probably will be for life)

March 25, 2003
love your cd guys!!!

March 25, 2003
I got the disc in the mail today. I like it alot. Even though I already had
the demo, I needed to get this album. It is great. The sound quality is superb
and the new song #9 is very sweet. I have to go, but i will talk to you all soon.
Adam Cozens

March 23, 2003
I'm Josh Skelton, guitarist for Xiren. I just wanted to say hey, especially
to your guitar player, who I didn't get a chance to finish talking to at our
Herman's show together last weekend. We left earlier than I thought we would
and I couldn't find him again before I left. Sigh. Oh well, I just wanted to
say hey! You guys put on a great show and have a fabulous sound. 
Stay cool, Josh

March 22, 2003
I just recently heard of you guys and i really like your songs, hurt me
badly is excellent.. it relates to me in so many ways! Keep playin i think
you are great! Come to Seattle and play, everyone would love you guys!

March 22, 2003
you aRe VeRy GooooooooooooooooD !!!!!! :))))))

March 22, 2003

March 20, 2003
Hey, I got your CD("Full Circle") a while back and it is awesome. What I
am contacting you about is, what kind of permission do I need
to send you guys into the local Radio stations?

March 20, 2003
hey i heard you guys while i was on you guys are awesome.

March 20, 2003
You guys kick soo much ass

March 20, 2003
I first heard of the band in the movie "Bleed", 'Hurt Me Badly' is
awesome! You guys should definately come to Indy! Later...

March 19, 2003
Accidental Superhero is AMAZING!

March 19, 2003
just ordered 3 copies of your new CD, for me and my family. Can't 
wait to get them!! It has been fun keeping up with the latest and 
greatest with your band. I hope to someday get to see you guys live!
Best of luck to you all,

March 19, 2003
hey, i signed your guestbook, and i just wanted to say that im really stoked
that i found a COOL local band. i had cancer when i was younger, and i dont
know what "so easy" really means, but it reminds me of how i forget how things
that arent important take controll of my life, and when i found my bff is dying
(from cancer) it just makes me think of more important things, so i find it
motivational. thanks for being awesome, and ill be sure and see you kids at
the next show. Lacey

March 18, 2003
Just ordered your new album 'Full Circle'. Cant wait to see it arrive. Told
all my mates here in England to get online and get it. Thanks for the great
You guys ROCK!

March 17, 2003
you guys f___in' rock!

March 15, 2003
I saw you guys when I was in Denver visiting my best friend. You guys are
amazing. The only thing is I live in Reno Nevada, and I miss out on all the
shows. You guys are so good live, and your music touches me. It makes me feel
so good out in the crowd listening to you guys play and dancing. Everything
about your music is so wonderful. My friend sent me an autographed cd from
you guys....Thank you so much for having the time to autograph your fans cd's.
It really means a lot....because even though I'm not there in Denver, I am
here in Reno with an autographed cd....what more could I ask for =) Well,
actually I could ask you to please play in Reno. I swear with just me alone
knowing that you guys are coming, I could get a good 25-30 people to come to
that show. Maybe even more if I made some fliers. Or maybe you could play
somewhere in Sacramento or San Francisco. I would totally
drive the distance to see you guys. You are incredible.
Thank you for being so damn good =) 

March 13, 2003
Can't wait till u come to frisco or sac town!!!!!
a big fan,

March 13, 2003
I love you guys!!
Nicole Renaud

March 12, 2003
I was so happy that I was able to see you guys play at the Gothic. You are
truly an amazing band. Your cd, from start to finish, is unbelievable.
I played it for a bunch of my friends and they think you guys are good too.
I hope to catch you guys in concert again very soon. If you guys ever need
any help with anything I would love to help you all out!

March 11, 2003
I am anxious to see you live.

March 10, 2003
you guys are amazing!!! i love your music and to hear it live is awsome!!!!

March 10, 2003
Hey, Fricken awesome show and Saturday, That was the best rendition of "useless"
I've heard yet.

March 9, 2003
Saturday's concert was awesome! Great Job!

March 16, 2003
Oh man do i ever wish icould have been to the cd release concert last night!
it must have been awesome! i just wanted to say that i have loved you guys
since you opened for the calling in Boulder! keep up the great work! someday
when your autographs are worth a million dollars, i am gonna keep them anyway
so i can remember that awesome concert! i love Accidental Superhero!

March 9, 2003
saw the show at the gothis tonight and met you guys and you are so incredible.
i know you will go so far. corn bread you are the coolest. i love you guys
and i will see you at your next shows!!!!

March 7, 2003
awh... man i so wish i could be there in your hometown city.I'll definitely
be looking for your video on mtv! This is so...sweet. I'm really excited!
SCORE!You guys are the sweetest i'm hella excited for you!I'm also glad you
found a "fair" label to sign under. I really hope to see you come to
California.:-) Best of luck to you guys always.
a HUGE fan, angela

March 7, 2003
Hi! I wish I could see you guys but you're really far away. So you should
come to Iowa! The Maintenance shop at ISU is a great place to play :)
Just thought I'd tell ya!
~andrea schliesman

March 7, 2003
Congratulations on the band's success. I really enjoyed watching it all
unfold. I hope you guys go all the way. Just be smart about it and
don't let some label screw you all out of what you deserve :)

March 7, 2003
Hey man I am so excited for your show at the gothic.
I am going to be in Colorado and will come and see you guys.
Good luck and rock out.

March 7, 2003
Break a leg you guy's! I am stoked for you, your stuff NEEDS to be heard
by a larger audience.

March 6, 2003
Hey, you guys are an amazing band! just to let you all know. I was looking
forward to seeing you guys in concert soon, and I see you are playing a show
March 8th. On you site it says it is 16+ and then on the Gothic page it shows
18+? do you know which one goes? I'm 17 so I hope your site is right because
I really want to come see you guys play! Thank you

March 6, 2003
Hey guys, 
Just e-mailing to let you know that I won't be there, but definitely not
because I don't want to be. I'm not 18 yet, and I live in Florida, so that
presents somewhat of a problem. But I'm e-mailing back to let you guys know
that I promise to listen to my CD at home all night long, and that I will be
thinking and praying for you guys. You all make up such a great group, with
such an amazing sound and awesome lyrics that you deserve this chance and
this deal more than any group I know. So go out there knowing that you've
got people both at the concert and around the country who think you guys are
the coolest thing since sliced bread.
Erin Gray

March 6, 2003
Congrats from all of us at BP. We will definitely be at the show. If there's
any band in this area that deserves a break, it's you guys. Knock'em dead.

March 6, 2003
Sorry I can't be there on Saturday but rest assured I will be willing you
every success on the night. Since receiving an mp3 of Lay down your head
[through], I have purchased your album and played it to death. It
is astonishing that you have not been signed up already and I am sure it
is only a matter of time. The very best of luck.
Gary - Birmingham, England

March 5, 2003
It's been fun hearing about all your successes. Here's wishing you luck.
Hope to see you guys playing again soon.

March 5, 2003
Tell the guys I'll spread the word on radio.wazee about the show!!!
Howard @ radio.wazee

March 5, 2003
Good luck, guys. I have seen you live and followed you for a while now,
and you deserve to do well. Definitely major league material. You should
also haev a manager who can get one of your tracks as a TV theme tune to
a major series.... get he money rolling in!! Unfortunately, I will be in
Los Angeles on the date of your gig, but I know you will do well. You're
more than ready. 
Good luck, Louise.

March 5, 2003
I am a professional MX Racer from Kansas. I get to travel a lot and hear
a lot of new music. This album is the best music purchase I have made in
years. Every song is awesome. Check out my website at and
if I can do anything to help you guys let me know.
Jon Hedden

March 4, 2003
good stuff

March 1, 2003
wow, you guys are really good. woo!=) come play a show in california.
Angela and Sarah

February 27, 2003
I heard you guys on and you are awesome. Unfortunately I do not
have enough money to order your cd but if i ever work some up i will buy
it. When are you guys going to come to Louisville or Cincinatti or somewhere
in that area?

February 27, 2003
brilliant, absolute emo at its best. Stumbled across you guys randomly on, so well done, your gonna be recommended across U.K now care of me,
and my band, Snooky.
tom duncan - glasgow, scotland

February 25, 2003
You guys rock. we'll open if you have any shows coming up - im sorry it's
to the point and i didn't suck up more because you guys are better than us.
Kevin and Ending April

February 23, 2003
I heard some of your songs on and I really like your stuff, but I 
had a question about buying the album. Is it available at all in stores, or 
only on your website? It would be quite a bit cheaper for me to buy it in a 
store locally since I live in Canada and shipping + duty make it rather 
expensive. I would consider the download option, but I don't have a CD 
burner in this computer, and I want to be able to listen to it in my car or 
my house too :)
Anyways, thanks for any info you can provide and keep turning out quality 

February 20, 2003
Hi. my name is josh and i live in chicago. i accidentaly found your web page
and was instintly hooked. i already ordered, and got, ur cd. i am spreading
the word bout accidental superhero around my town and high school. i wanted
to ask somthing though. i dont know if u could but would u send me the tab
for miss you like crazy? it is a great song and i like it alot. i play guitar
and am interested in learning how to play it.

February 19, 2003
saw bleed...only good thing about it was Accidental Superhero's song at the

February 19, 2003
Dudes --
I discovered your tunes on just by chance. I live in Harrisburg,
Pennsylvania, long way from your home, but your music is the best damn
stuff I have heard in a long time. I am promoting you through all of my
friends in the area, who now live in New York, Connecticut, Virginia,
Delaware, Philly, and the like. I want to see your music spread through
the East Coast. We have a local radio station that plays alternative radio.
I think if they heard your stuff, it would be an instant "buzz." I would be
more than happy to give them a copy of your CD, and get some air time. What
tune(s) would you like to have promoted on the forthcoming album?
Yours in music, Brian McCall

February 19, 2003
I got the CD last Friday and it was worth the wait!

February 18, 2003
love lay down your head and miss you like crazy!!!

February 18, 2003
i heard your band on guys are damn good - best of luck
Jaime Caldwell

February 18, 2003
You guys rool! I found ya on, and I'm hooked to your songs!
Good Luck!

February 17, 2003
Sup guys? Callan from washington here.. love your music, my bf
got me to listen to "hurt me badly" and since then i'm hooked, i only
get to DL the music from the net.. cuz washington sucks and i cannot
find a single store that i cen get a hold of the Cd's. Tell me when yur
heading to washington. Luv Ya

February 17, 2003
hurt me badly's the best song!

February 16, 2003
hi - i like "sweet castaway" its a fun song.

February 15, 2003
Hey guys, I'm a big fan and was looking at your show dates and it said on 
may 13th your playing in orange county, california which is where i live. 
But i couldn't find the venue you are playing at. If you could e-mail me
back and tell me that would be awesome.
thanks, Jason

February 14, 2003
I was very happy to see that you guys had another concert near me coming
up, but then I realized that I would not be able to go. That is the
last night of my school's musical, which I am in. So, sorry guys, I'm
just going to have to wait longer to see you.

February 14, 2003
The BEST music I've EVER heard from You guys rock!
Ryan Allen

February 13, 2003
love your sh__. bust out a cd now! youll kick a__.

February 13, 2003
This band is awesome !

February 13, 2003
GREAT website! Can't wait to see the guys perform!

February 13, 2003
my, I like your stuff, good
songwriting, I used to live in Denver, thinking about playing there this
summer. We should set something up, later...Mike

February 13, 2003
on a whim i'm cruising around looking for new music and i came across
your guys stuff, and i have to say it f'n rocks.. i've been looking for
some good stuff like this for awhile. do you know if you have any tracks
are hitting the d.c. area? and if you guys are coming this way anytime
soon after the cd relase?

February 13, 2003
I really enjoy your music and would like to know how can I purchase your
CD(s)?? I already have the MP3 CD but would like to have an audio CD that
can be played in any CD player... Thanks.

February 12, 2003
Heard your tunes on Was blown away. Amazing stuff. Love it.
Very very serious. "Hurt Me" is ..just... cool. :o)
peace, Scott

February 12, 2003
hello, i just found you guys on you are great. the way down is
so damn catchy. anyway, bring your tour to st. louis mo where i live.
check out my band, alisdair on and at, maybe if you
come to town, we could open or something. see ya,

February 11, 2003
this band is the bomb, amazing

February 11, 2003
Most... amazing... sound... EVER! Superb sound; very original.
Amazing lyrics and guitar! I hope you guys get the radio play you deserve.
Make sure you don't forget about Canada in your tours once you make it :)

February 10, 2003
"Way down" has everything
it needs to put you guys into stratosphere. Heard it on and now you
definitely got a new fan. I've decided to commit myself to the band, which
encouraged my shaken believe in good music. I don`t know how to describe
it, but the singer sounds so real and so classic, I couldn`t believe my ears. 
This band is going to be really, really big. Since I am sure you guys need a
bit more time to get to Europe, I will spread the word over here.
Thank you for your music!

February 9, 2003
I see you are possibly coming to wichita ks on my birthday apr. 11....
that would rock...would love to see your album in a store to buy.

February 8, 2003
Hey guys. I love your sound and was just wondering, is their any place
locally (The Springs) were I can buy either of your albums?

February 8, 2003
Love ya guys!!!

February 8, 2003
Hey. When are you guys playing in Denver again! are you guys coming out
with a new CD any time soon? I hope your tour is going well.
You guys are awesome!!

February 8, 2003
hey, stumbled across your music on and really liked your
stuff. i can't wait until you guys come to kansas city. i'll be there!

February 7, 2003
love the music, dig the sounds

February 5, 2003
I've only heard 'hurt me badly,' and I am going to get the CD, if I
can find it. Kansas SUCKS
peace, Jon

February 4, 2003
Hey I was at the concert where you guys performed with East West (In the
Springs) and I must say I'm impressed. I bought your cd that night!
(Is there any way to buy your cd Everyman? (I would if I could) Anyway
I look forward to seeing you in concert again!

February 3, 2003
Hey guys just wanted to say that one of my good friends told me about you
and i think that you have some great music and i just wanted to say good
luck and if you ever get a chance come to mississippi and play us some music!

February 3, 2003
hey i really like your music. hope to get the CD soon. but do you ever think 
about coming to FL? 
- Big Fan

February 3, 2003
Hey A.S., we are hoping you all will come and play in either Albuquerque or
El Paso, TX so Richelle (my daughter, not sure if you'll remember her it was
a while back now) can get tix. She loves you guys!! Plays your CD all the
time and her MP3 player is loaded with AS too. LOL :) I just voted for
y'all and am forwarding your updates to my family so they can vote too. :D
Good luck!

February 2, 2003
Accidental Superhero composes quality songs in a variety of musical genres.
"Miss You Like Crazy" is a favorite among friends."
Best of Luck!
SignHere Online, Inc.

February 2, 2003
I Haven't actually seen a show, but I heard some of you material on,
and I am ordering your CD because of that! YOU GUYS KICK A**!!!!!!!! Keep
up the good work!!!!!!

February 2, 2003
ive been listening to a.s. for about a year now. i wish i could go to 
colorado the see them, but i dont exactly have to funds to do that (i live 
in california). i'm ecstatic they're coming to los angeles because that's 
about a two hour drive for me. i noticed on their homepage there's no venue 
listed for their show. also, where can i get tickets to their show? i cant 
wait to see them!

February 1, 2003
Hey - i downloaded some of your songs and was very impressed. i live in
chicago and my suggestion to you is send a DEMO to q101 radio station and
they will probably play it and it will probably be successful. Keep rock'n.
By the way - come to the midwest. U would be a hit in chicago.

January 31, 2003
Buzzplay shout-out
These guys are really talented and they deserve their shot at the spotlight!
A fan, Lupi M.

January 31, 2003
i have fallen in love with your music...i dont know what else to say but
thank you!

January 31, 2003
Absolutely love this band! Keep on rockin!!

January 30, 2003
hey guys!
you kick major a__, i just discovered you guys tonight, and i am now going
to be fan of your music for life. cuz it has very awesome instrumental
arrangements and voice as well. hey my name is brian lee beichner, i am
from dover nh, i hope someday to hear you guys in concert. but anyways
also i just want you guys to know your lyrics were very powerful keep up the
awesome work you guys are doing. hey i wish i could get a free cd of you
guys cuz i love your music. well gotta go hope you guys keep on kicking a__.
sincerely, brian b.

January 30, 2003
Hey - you guys rock! But I was wondering if and when you guys had a show in
Michigan? Its kinda expencive to fly out to see you guys out in Colorado
and all. Just wondering, hope to see you out here soon.
Peace! Aaron

January 28, 2003
I downloaded your song "Lay down your head" and I think it's awesome! I love
your sound. It's very original, and I don't think I can compare you guys to
anyone else!! I hope you guys play in pittsburgh sometime soon! Good Luck!
Abby F.

January 28, 2003
you guys rule

January 28, 2003
sorry - i downloaded 'miss you like crazy' but if any the other songs are
like that i will be buying the album, is it coming out in the uk and when?
ps - thank you for making such a great song 
your fan 'CORD'

January 28, 2003
Just checking out your songs on All I can say is that is rocks my
socks way off. Some of the best songs both musically and lyrically that I
have heard in a long time.

January 28, 2003
Hey, you guys sound so damn good, and I'm really confused as to why you're
not on top 40. I play in band out of Edmond, OK called "Habit". We are also
on under habit1981 with an all acoustic ep(can't afford full band yet).
I really hope to catch you guys in March when you come to kansas, but if you
could check out our songs and let us know what you think that would really be
awesome. I'm so impressed with the success you've gotten without a label and
just bustin your balls out there, we can relate. We will soon be playing across
Texas and hope to go all the way up into Kansas also. Once again, you guys rock,
and hope to talk at ya again, later.

January 27, 2003
i can listen to you guyz forever! come to the east coast NY is ready for you!
Cara S.

January 27, 2003
The BEST music I've EVER heard from You guys rock!

January 27, 2003
~so cool

January 26, 2003
Buzzplay shout-out
I downloaded Accidental Superhero's songs by following the link on
I was willing to pay for it because I liked what I was hearing for free. I
have not been disappointed. This is a great band! I really like Hurt Me Badly,
Miss You Like Crazy, 14 Miles, and Don't Care Anymore!
Keep rockin'!

January 26, 2003
You guys kick some serious a__! You've got a fan in MN

January 25, 2003
Buzzplay shout-out
Accidental Superhero has incredible guitar parts, rhythm, and unique vocals
that cut to the soul. Their latest album is excellent, but have you heard
their first one, Everyman? What a great album, I've never grown tired of
it after four years. 
They have a great live show too, they just need some more exposure!
~Brian, a big fan from Boulder, CO

January 25, 2003
Buzzplay shout-out
Accidental Superhero has created the newest zenith of music. This is not
simply my opinion but rather the look that engulfs listeners faces when
they first hear an Accidental Superhero song. Their unique style has proved
as inventive as the Beatles first revolution in music and as thought-grasping
as Eminem's first lyrical challenge to society. The guys of Accidental
Superhero are in no way an accidental liberation to the technologically numbed
minds of today's youth, yet their musical simplicity attracts the ears of many
older generations. Creating music that beckons a parent riding in a teenager's
car to shout "Turn That UP!!" is not an easy task, but they have tackled the
challenge without any extra effort. That's the beauty of their music in any
situation. It just works.
REAL WORLD FEEDBACK: Two days ago I took my copy of the new Accidental
Superhero CD up to the Aspen Mountain SKI PATROL Hut. Over 20 Patrollers move
around in this Taco Bell sized building ranging from 21 yrs old to 73 yrs old.
They hear every word that travels through the room, especially from their boom
box. While it plays they hear each other say "Excellent!", "That's awesome!",
"Where can I get a CD?", and "Now this is music to an old man's ears!". I hear
the words, too, though I am more focused on the way their faces show
satisfaction with the new sounds. Their music flies at 11,212 ft. -at superhero
speeds- and lands a place next to Jimi Hendrix in their 3 CD Changer as the only
other CD every patroller will listen to.
The only way a musical talent can realize success is through their fans.
Accidental Superhero does not take advantage of their fans, but rather embraces
their presence. They are quick to respond to comments via their website and are
currently in the process of developing a new site for their fans to better
inform them of their advances. Unlike most music superstars, Accidental Superhero
is eager to talk to their fans and acknowledge their presence. They realize that
their fans have helped them to build their success in the independent realm, and
it is this enthusiasm that makes fans want to spread the good word about the
band. I am but one voice to relay the great things I have seen when their music
is shared, though I know there are many others out there who can concur that
Accidental Superhero is a band with much more than great potential. If you don't
have enough feedback to realize that your search has ended, take the new
Accidental Superhero CD around your town and then ask all of the new fans for
their opinions. That should help reinforce your decision to place Accidental
Superhero in the number one position as a new buzz artist on your own main page.
Thanks for giving them the opportunity to shine. They haven't let anyone down yet.
Regards, Prescott Paulin
FVS Class of 2003

January 24, 2003
i manage a punk band and i'm really into music...always looking for
new bands and you guys are awesome!

January 24, 2003
I just heard a couple songs, but I am hooked. And the lyrics are ... wow.

January 24, 2003
Buzzplay shout-out
Accidental Superhero is number 1!

January 23, 2003
i just found you guys and y'all are something amazing.
thanx for your music.

January 23, 2003
Hey guys...WOW one night i was just lookin on the internet for a
new band to follow until you guys go huge and i can tell your gonna go
big cuz i have followed Simple Plan, Good Charlotte, Disfunctionals(RIP)
and yeah your going huge to and if anyone else follows bands like me i
would say check out Article 57(punk band) at cuz theyre
awesome and goin big as well... well good luuck guys you kick a__!@!!

January 23, 2003
Buzzplay shout-out
I just wanted to let buzzplay know that I loved the
music of accidental superhero. It was so unique,
original, and melodic I just had to buy one of their
c.d's off their website. For two months straight I
haven't taken it out of my c.d player because I love
listening to them more than anything out on the radio
right now. They have my vote for the win.
Thanks, Kim M.

January 23, 2003
Buzzplay shout-out
As a musician I often listen to new bands. I was realy surprised by the
album I bought from Accidental Superhero. I get wild on their "Miss You
Like Crazy", "Lay Down Your Head", "Hold On" and "14 Miles".
A Superhero saved my day !!!!!
PUT THEM ON #1 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

January 22, 2003
I happened to come across your group on You guys are
totally awesome! Your style of music and lyrics blew me away. I love your
music. If your ever in Cali. send me an email so that I can check you guys
out live. I am sure that it would be an awesome experience.
Kary Williams
January 22, 2003
Hey there,
You are so my favorite band. I cant wait to find your C.D.When you come
anywhere in the 1000 mile radius of Camrose I will so be there
Luv, Tiff
January 22, 2003
Buzzplay shout-out
A.S. are excellent musicians plus they have a talent for creating
new interlocking (blend of the musicians) SOUND!
January 21, 2003
Buzzplay shout-out
A.S. is awesome. I have been listening since 1999 and you keep getting
better and better. I can't wait until I hear you more on the radio.
I have a friend who is a real critic of music since he is a drummer
himself and he thinks you guys rock!!! Can't wait to see you perform
again. When?
Ellen in Fountain, CO
January 21, 2003
Buzzplay shout-out
Accidental Superhero is incredible. I love their music. Their lyrics are
particularly insighful and their sound is energizing.
They are great! 
January 21, 2003
Hey - Accidental Superhero Rocks! I just got your new Cd from my mom! she 
said u e-mail her! Shes "Sandy The Naughty Night Girl" from fly 92.7 in 
wichita. Thanks for playin good music! U guys rock!
January 21, 2003
Buzzplay shout-out
Ever since I stumbled across this band 6 months ago, I still can't
understand how they are not signed to a major label! A.S. has great
catchy tunes that don't get old with time! Keep up the great work!
Brian Garrison - Portland OR
January 21, 2003
Buzzplay shout-out
I just want to say that Accidental Superhero is great!
That is all I have to say! Thanks for my opinion!
January 21, 2003
Buzzplay shout-out
I really like the sound of Accidental Superhero! 
Their music is original which is quite rare! 
January 21, 2003
Buzzplay shout-out
hey, accidental superhero is great - they are one of my favorite bands, 
if only they would play chicago - they are choice exellent 
January 21, 2003
wow you guyz kik a__ i never seen you play but i got your cd its
awesome. i hope i can see u in concert soon n i know u guys are going
January 21, 2003
Buzzplay shout-out
wow you guyz kik a__ i never seen you play but i got your cd its
awsome i hope i can see u in concert soon n i kno u guys are going
January 21, 2003
Buzzplay shout-out
Hey, these guys are hot! Not only do they create leading edge music,
but there is such an aire of authenticity about them. What you see is
what you Hollywood image...just real people making real music.
I love these guys! They just don't play music, they MAKE music...big
difference. Why aren't these guys on a major label somewhere?
Anyway, just thought I would pass my thoughts on to you.
Thanks and keep up the good work.
January 21, 2003
Buzzplay shout-out the best rockband in the world.
January 21, 2003
Congrats on the XBOX score. I'm a big Project Gotham fan, so I'll have yet
another reason to get the next one.
January 21, 2003
Buzzplay shout-out
I have been following this band for the past 4 years, and I think that they
should have been discovered a long time ago. I am glad to see that they are
starting to get the respect they deserve.
I have heard that they are starting to write some new songs...I can't wait
to get their next album.
January 20, 2003
Buzzplay shout-out
Casting my vote for Accidental Superhero out of your top four in your
industry showcase. They're going to take over the world, you would be
crazy not to send this band.
January 21, 2003
AS can Rock-n-Roll any venue from a local night club, to a large
auditorium. Although their style might seem simple, their lyrics go deep
and the music goes wide. This is not the type of band that gives you
cheap and flashy thrills. They are down to earth Rockers. They have an
ingredient that catches you, and you just what to move your body, and sing
or scream along. Their CD definitely is one that you would not mind
listening to every song, over and over again.
This is the music that people are waiting to hear on the radio, so D.J.
hook us up.
January 21, 2003
Buzzplay shout-out
It's simple. Accidental Superhero KICKS A__!! Straight!!
When I first heard these guys music I understood why they're called "hooks", 
because the music that these guys make just sinks into me and doesn't let go.
By far my favourite A.S. track is "Hurt Me Badly".
It truly is only a matter of time before these guys go BIG. Straight!!
January 21, 2003
Buzzplay shout-out
Peep one of the hottest BANDS in the land (Accidental Superhero). This album
is going to put the industry on its ear for sure.
Its a long time coming, best of luck guys.
Ken Bookins ~ haygood Muzic
January 20, 2003
Buzzplay shout-out
Dear Buzzplay,
Thank YOU!
It is great to have access to this band's music. Their sound is grinding,
crisp and tight. I need to hear this music since not much radio stuff is
exciting anymore. A.S. keep it up. Happy New Year!
January 20, 2003
Buzzplay shout-out
You're one of the greatest bands out there, and probably the greatest band
a lot of people have never heard.
January 20, 2003
Buzzplay shout-out
You're a step closer to sending one of the best damn bands I've ever heard
to L.A.!!!! ACCIDENTAL SUPERHERO! These guys deserve to win!!!
January 20, 2003
Buzzplay shout-out
really enjoyed this! Thanks accidental superhero!!
KEEP UP the great work
Helen Neuhoff ~ nashville TN
January 20, 2003
Buzzplay shout-out
Just wanted you guys at buzzplay to know that Accidental Superhero Rocks!
People of all ages can enjoy their music. I think thats great! This band
will make it big one day. They have what it takes to make it.
January 20, 2003
This is Adam from your league of fans over at Azusa Pacific University in
Los Angeles. Awhile back I wrote to you and I was told that you are going
to be touring over the summer. I was wondering if you needed any help on
that tour. I have set up a few concerts and I would very much like to help
you on your shows. As I stated, I do not have a great amount of experience,
but I know a good amount and I am a very fast learner. If you have a crew
set up already for your shows but need someone to run around town fetching
you stuff or any other odd jobs, I could do that as well.
Thank You very much for your time! Adam
January 20, 2003
Buzzplay shout-out
accidental superhero should be #1! they rock!
Lauren - A.S. Fan! woohoo!
January 20, 2003
Buzzplay shout-out
Accidental Superhero is really awesome. I love everything about it.
I wish you guys a lot of luck on your project and have fun.
January 20, 2003
Buzzplay shout-out
Hey there Buzzplay!
You need to hear these guys, AS totally rocks it out. It's different than
all the cookie cutter stuff out today. It's really creative and smooth. The
biggest thing is that the more I listen to it the better it gets. Most
stuff out there gets really old really fast. I can't wait till the nation
hears it they don't know what their missing.
Yours, Rick
January 20, 2003
Buzzplay shout-out
Vote AS. This group rox! you gotta love the vocals and mix of rock/pop!
great stuff!
January 20, 2003
Buzzplay shout-out
Hi! I just want to put in my support for Accidental Superhero. An incredibly
talented band. Amazing combination of musical talent and quality lyrics!
January 20, 2003
Buzzplay shout-out
F___ Yeah! Don't stop the rockin!!!!!
January 20, 2003
Buzzplay shout-out
These guys rock! And did I mention... They rock!
Jeff Fuller
January 20, 2003
Buzzplay shout-out
I saw Accidental Superhero at the Ogden Theater in Denver last summer, and 
I was completely blown away. The response from the crowd was surprisingly loud 
and favorable, especially considering no one knew these guys were going to be 
there (a surprise addition, I guess), and few of their actual following could 
have found out in time. I was most impressed by how quickly they win over new 
people. The band's presence is positively magnetic, and the music is infectious.
They may not realize it, but they have the only formula that has ever worked in
the music biz: they appeal to everybody! Who could ask for more?
Peace. Chuck Churchman Soupios
January 20, 2003
Buzzplay shout-out
I have been going to their shows for almost 5 years now and these guys are
just getting better and better!!!
January 20, 2003
Buzzplay shout-out
Accidental Superhero is the best new band in America. They deserve to be in
the # 1 slot because they're songs aren't just great lyrics, they have great
music behind the lyrics, and great vocals. A.S. is an all-around amazing group.
Thanks, Erin Gray
January 20, 2003
Buzzplay shout-out
They are great to see in concert, and they manage to carry their stage
presence into the studio really well. Their music is infectious live
and on CD, and soon to be on XBox games, too!
Seriously, they are really good, and I'd love to see them get the
recognition they deserve.
January 20, 2003
Buzzplay shout-out
ACCIDENTAL SUPERHERO ----> REALLY ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
January 20, 2003
I just wanted to let you know I just found out about AS on a website
chat community.
It was here:
January 18, 2003
when is the album coming to stores??! Your sound is awesome. Keep me posted.
Thanks. Tony

January 18, 2003
you're really really really really good!!! good job!
January 18, 2003
This band rules! And so do I!
January 17, 2003
You boys are absolutely fantastic!
January 15, 2003
Hey I just found out about you guys.. you're awesome!! I really like "miss you
like crazy" i can totally relate. I dont know if the band actually reads
this stuff but hey... oh well. Good Luck in the Future! I'll be buying your
album soon!! ~Nicole

January 15, 2003
Wow, you guys are amazing! Seriously A.S. is now one of my favorite bands.
I wish you all the best and I can't wait to buy your CD. You guys ROCK!

January 15, 2003
Sweet Castaway is an amazing song, i thoroughly enjoy your music, and have
even turned a number of friends in fans of yours. The only thing is that out
here in Canada it is hard for me to find your music, b/c i want to spread
the word on how good you guys are. Then I was really amazed to see your 3
free songs offer. I also just want to say that you guys are easily the best
band I have ever found at Keep it up, and good luck!!!

January 15, 2003
dude you guys ROCK!! killer to say the least! i just chill and listen to it...
just one of those styles of music that you have to just sing along to. i mean
to say your one of my fav. new bands wouldn't be a lie... im downloadin more
of your stuff but it's kinda hard to find..but anyway so far my favorite song
is miss you like crazy..well..sweet
how bout' ...where i stand.
dude i can't make up my mind..oh guys definately have a really tight
sound and i often find myself playin a little air guitar in the mirror..ha.
Josh - a fan.

January 15, 2003
Buzzplay shout-out
I think that Accidental Superhero is a fantastic band and should be
chosen to be flown to the trade show in February. They are definitely
extremely talented and that's a nice thing to find these days.

January 14, 2003
AWESOME!! seriously.. i love it

January 14, 2003
Buzzplay shout-out
Hey just wanted to shoot you an email to tell you how much I love Accidental
Superhero. I didn't know who they were when I saw them. They were opening
for an already established band, but when they got onto the stage and played
their hearts out I knew that I had to hear more. They became my favorite
band in a matter of a few hours. I immediately checked out there Web site,
read other fans comments and noticed that everyone felt the same. They were
writing and saying what I was thinking. This band is gonna be big with or
without the help of a major label. They know how to take care of what's
important, their music. I don't care if they never get signed or become
millionaires. I just want to hear and see them play. They can't get anymore
polished than they already are. The music speaks for itself.
A proud Colorado fan, Sandra

January 13, 2003
i am very impressed with your songs. my son and i especially like miss you.
look forward to more. found out about you on Rollingstone's website.

January 13, 2003
Buzzplay shout-out
just a short note to say how rockin' ACCIDENTAL SUPERHERO is. I listen
to you guys all the time, and they would be a great band to have into
the studio.
big fan - Matt in San Francisco

January 12, 2003
Buzzplay shout-out
see you guys have the promo song of the week on! That's cool!
Can you send me that link again for buzzplay? I accidentally deleted it!
How are you guys doing with that anyway?
Well, gotta run! Later!

January 12, 2003
Buzzplay shout-out
Accidental Superhero IS THE BEST! PICK THEM! YEA!! You don't know what you
are thinking if you don't!!! Pick A.S.!! THEY ARE GREAT! "YOU CAN DOOOOO IT!" 
LOVE, Diana 

January 12, 2003
Hi, My name is erica and me and my roommate found your mp3 page through a
friend. We want to say we like your music and let us know if you ever make
it to the Orlando area. Please put me on a mailing list if you have one.
Thanks, Erica

January 11, 2003
Buzzplay shout-out
Accidential Superhero has OUTSTANDING talent and music. I think they should 
be number one!!!!!!
Keri Janelle Hanson

January 10, 2003
Buzzplay shout-out
I have known various members of the band Accidental Superhero for several
years now. Since the day they began playing with each other, they have shown
a maturity and a standard of quality shown almost exclusively in bands that
have played together for 10 years or more. Accidental Superhero is a group
of men destined for great things. My best advice to you, or anyone else is
to be a part of that while you still can. Their talant and style will soon
be recognizable to many around the globe. But right now, these guys deserve
a chance for the world to hear their work.
Nathan Mapson

January 8, 2003
Buzzplay shout-out
Once again....I've got the buzzzzzzz!! 
Just like to add my zzzzz''s to the buzzzzz of ACCIDENTAL SUPERHERO. 
They are one hell of a band!! Hardest working band in Colorado.
Peace & Joy, 
-ann marie 

January 8, 2003
Buzzplay shout-out
Accidental Superhero is one of the first bands in many years that I've gotten
really excited about. It boggles my mind why they are not signed while other
less talented and less original bands are. Their latest independant release, Full
Circle, which I'm very glad I bought, is not just one or two good songs with
the rest being lame filler, but is one great tune after another. Superb song
writing, singing, musicianship and production puts my favorite new band,
Accidental Superhero, at the top of my desert island list. 
Hmm... mabey they should change their name to Accidental Superhero182
and sing about skateboarding and getting dumped...nahhh!
Paul Budzynski
Detroit , MI

January 8, 2003
Buzzplay shout-out
Accidental Superhero is one of the hardest working American rock n' roll
bands, west of the Mississippi. Rock star presence, balanced by a humble
attitude toward themselves and the world around them. Their active
approach to the life of music makes them more than just "one to watch"
(from a distance).

January 8, 2003
Buzzplay shout-out
I am so glad Accidental Superhero made it to the top ten! They deserve all 
the success they can get. They are a very talented band with wonderful 
songs, both musically and lyrically. You can't disagree with their many of which is ME!

January 8, 2003
Buzzplay shout-out
just want to let you know that I think Accidental Superhero is a great 
band!! They have excellent musicians playing awesome music and their 
songs have catchy lyrics. I am surprised that they have not gotten a 
contract yet, but I have 2 of their CDs and play them often!!
Good Luck and God Bless!!

January 8, 2003
Buzzplay shout-out
Last year my boyfriend and I went to a show in Denver to see some
band we knew play. I can't even remember what band it was, and it was
a pretty big name. All I can remember is that's where I heard AS for
the first time and was hooked. I looked 'em up online and ordered
some of their CDs too. I think they are an awesome band and in the
short time that I have known of them, they have already grown
incredibly. I think that they should definitely be given the chance
at the industry trade show gig!!
Thanks for listening,
A pleased listener :)
Abby Klein

January 8, 2003
Buzzplay shout-out
See them at the Gothic all the time....... they ROCK COLORADO !!!

January 7, 2003
Buzzplay shout-out
I can't speak highly enough about this band. Accidental Superhero has a 
sound which is original, uplifting, and intelligent with all the intensity of 
the hottest contemporary rock and metal. The lyrics are contemplative, yet 
surprisingly accessible with pop overtones and hooks which are rare in a band 
with such a heavy sound. I recommend their CD's to everyone I meet. Peace.
Chuck Churchman

January 7, 2003
Buzzplay shout-out
Hey not only is Accidental Superhero the only band worth shit in the top
10, they are a great band! With all they've accomplished it's a crime that
they're not signed. "Hurt Me" is a great song and it's a radio hit waiting
to happen. Best of luck to you from Zero Hour in Auburn.
Zero Hour

January 7, 2003
Buzzplay shout-out
No doubt about it, Accidental Superhero rocks the USA harder than any band
since Duran Duran.

January 7, 2003
Buzzplay shout-out
Hi. I just wanted to write in about Accidental Superhero. They are a
great bunch of guys, with incredible talent and songs. I saw them at a
couple of shows here in Denver CO, and it really endeared me to them. I
spoke to them after the first show I saw, and they were very friendly to
me and very appreciative of my compliments. They gave me a cd sample at
their show, and I have listened to it many times since. Their songs are
definitely radio-friendly, and I am sure that they will go far with their
music. Thanks for listening,
Victoria Nokes

January 7, 2003
Buzzplay shout-out
Hey, Just wanted to take a minute to say that Accidental Superhero is hands
down the best unsigned band out there. I've been a fan of theirs since
their first indie release, and they're the type of band that makes me wish
I owned a record label so I could sign them and retire to the Caribbean
because they're gonna be huge. My favourite songs are "Hope" and
"Brother" off their Everyman CD.

January 7, 2003
Buzzplay shout-out
I first saw Accidental Superhero at a concert opening up for The Calling.
Though at first I had no idea who they were, I soon began to love the band.
After the first song, I was captivated by their music. They played an amazing
live show and I know they will continue to do so. Please give A.S. a great
amount of consideration for this oppurtunity. 
Thanks, A.S. Fan

January 7, 2003
Buzzplay shout-out
Dude, I e-mailed those people that you guys said to, and I just wanted to
tell YOU that you guys rock, I can't wait to see a live show, I heard of
you from when you were going to play with Audiovent, but I didn't make it
to that show. Good luck! Hope to see you soon!

January 7, 2003
Buzzplay shout-out
Dude... Accidental Superhero is an AWESOME band!!! I haven't gotten the
chance to see them live yet due to lack of funds! :) But... their music
is amazing, I relly enjoy "Hold On" but I have liked all the songs I've
heard by them. They rock, and they deserve support from whoever they can
get it from! I love them and I hope that they can have much success!

January 7, 2003
Buzzplay shout-out
Hey What up from an Accidental Superhero fan! I think that these guys
are great and they deserve to get recognition upon their talent! I really
enjoy their music and their messages in the songs. They should go to the
show in February! Thanks for my opinion!
Shawn Ethridge

January 7, 2003
Buzzplay shout-out
They are so cooooool. they bring the rock every time i see them. thanx

January 7, 2003
Buzzplay shout-out
I had never heard of them until my college roomate played their CD for
me last semester. But I was immediately hooked, I couldn't believe that
they weren't a big name already. They are the best up and coming band
that I have ever heard, and I know that they are going to make it big.
Me and my roomate took ten people down to see their show once, besides
me and my roomate, no one had heard them. But they after the show they
all wanted to buy the cd. Everyone likes this band, it's impossible not
to. Rowan

January 7, 2003
Buzzplay shout-out
I saw Accidental Superhero at Coke's New Music Awards show in New York
late last year and was blown away. These guys are amazing and I hope
they go far.
Brian Quinn

January 7, 2003
Buzzplay shout-out
Accidental Superhero is so cool! I love all their songs and they are great
people! They deserve to go all the way to the top, watch out world!!!!
They will be the next big thing!

January 7, 2003
Buzzplay shout-out
I saw Accidental Superhero a few months ago at the Bowery Ballroom and
was once again knocked flat by these guys. I think they are amazing!
Susie Foster 

January 7, 2003
Buzzplay shout-out
We think Accidental Superhero is a great band. We heard them for the
first time at a small coffee shop in Colorado Springs last year. They
blew us away and we now own both albums!

January 7, 2003
Buzzplay shout-out
To whom it concerns, Accidental superhero is probably my favorite band.
I have seen them in numerous concerts and they rock. Thanks for your time.
I hope they become your top band.
Allan Spiers

January 7, 2003
Buzzplay shout-out
I have seen Accidental Superhero in concert two different occasions.
Of all the local bands that I have seen (and I have seen alot) in both
Colorado and Ohio, they are by far the best. Their music is original and
creative and easy to like. The energy they show on stage is contagious.
As a group they are extremely tight and seem to know exactly where each
of them are resulting in every beat being hit in a precise fashion.
I highly recommend them for performing at this industry trade show.
Regards, Michael Parris

January 7, 2003
Dear, Accidental Superhero
Hello, my name is Jay Sprayberry. I have listened to your music on and I think you are awesome. It's like magic to my ears with
every song of yours I hear. I have become a huge fan of yours, and
think you will be huge some day. I was wondering if it would be too
much to ask you if you could autograph something for me? If you can't,
then I understand and thanks a lot for taking the time out of your
schedules to read my letter. But if you can, then it would really
mean a lot. You can send anything you want to sign, it doesn't have
to be a photo, it can be whatever. Thanks a lot, and keep up the
awesome work. Happy New Year.

January 7, 2003
Buzzplay shout-out
"Miss you like crazy" by Accidental Superhero is a new favorite
among me and my friends.

January 6, 2003
Buzzplay shout-out
I've listened to Accidental Superhero since 1998 and I have to say that
this band is the most rocking pop band I know. The songs are catchy,
they don't become boring even if you listen 1000 times to it. What I
like the most is that they have their own, unique style!
Have a nice day, Toby

January 6, 2003
Buzzplay shout-out
to whom it may concern:
i think you should definately select accidental superhero as your one band
to fly to the big show. I saw them open for the calling this summer in
Denver and they were just straight awesome.
sincerely, Cameron Navo

January 6, 2003
Buzzplay shout-out
I won't disparage bands I have not listened to but I will say that I really
like Accidental Superhero. Their stuff has a great edge, way better
melodies than a bunch of punks banging on garbage cans and screaming at
the tops of their voices. I find I'm always pushing up my volume when I
get to their songs (no, not because the songs are recorded low -- I
enjoy these guys). Don't you guys agree these guys bust a$$ and deserve #1?
Regards, ZKeyMan

January 6, 2003
Buzzplay shout-out
This band Makes some sweet music. this should be the band you pick to fly
to the Industry trade show in Feb. Make Accidental superheros your favorite.
-Tyler Ward

January 6, 2003
Buzzplay shout-out
Hey, I'd never heard of Accidental superhero till i saw them in concert
back in august. 2 of my friends and i bought their CD at the show, and
we've all loved the band ever since. they're an awesome group with
awesome songs, the best of which is "miss you like crazy" but that's not
the point. You guys should definitley pick A.S. for your number one band
cause they rock!!

January 6, 2003
Buzzplay shout-out
Accidental Superhero has clairvoyancy in their lyrics, golden-toned
melodies with an edge, and are a heck of a lot of fun to watch.
They are impressive!

January 6, 2003
Buzzplay shout-out
I saw Accidental Superhero open for The Calling in Denver a few months ago.
I was so impressed with the performance, that I bought the CD after the
show. I have since moved to San Francisco, and I listen to the CD often.
I hope that you will be able to play a show out here!!
Best Wishes, Wendi

January 6, 2003
Buzzplay shout-out
Hey! I just wanted to say I LOVE Accidental Superhero! I discovered
them downloading mp3s. Soon I went out and bought their CD! I joined
the fan club immeditaly! They have great music and awesome lyrics to it!
Thanx! Elizabeth White

January 6, 2003
Buzzplay shout-out
Accidental Superhero....what an unusual name for a band that is not so
"accidental" and has some of the best music that I have ever heard in the
past few years. I spend a great deal of time traveling...I work for a
company that supports automotive manufactures, and I have listened to the
new album probably 30 times in the past few weeks and with my wife on
deployment with the US Army possibly going to Kuwait...Miss You Like Crazy
fits my life and the song rocks. And to round the whole thing out Hurt me
Badly is just one rocking song. Great to drive to, but better to mountain
bike to! Well I hope that we hear great things from this band in the next
year....say like a big record deal....or perhaps becoming the heroes that
they claim was an accident!
Keep the music alive and loud, Christopher Burns

January 6, 2003
Live and Love the Groove!! guys rock!!
Jeff Munoz

January 6, 2003
Buzzplay shout-out
Full Circle is one of my favorite CD's of all time.
Also, Accidental Superhero's live performances rock;
I travel all over the state to see them play.

January 6, 2003
Buzzplay shout-out
This band is SWEET!

January 6, 2003
Buzzplay shout-out
Hey, I really think that you should consider send AS to the trade show. 
They have some mad sweet talent. "Lay down your head" and "14 miles"
are great songs, they should be shared with everyone! They have mad
sweet voices and are really cool guys.
Kacie, NY

January 6, 2003
Buzzplay shout-out
Hey! I recently got an email from one of the rising bands on our live
radio stations. Accidental Superhero take the time to write meaningful
lyrics that pump our stations airwaves. Since mid-October, I received
a copy of their full length ep, then gave it a few listens...'WashAway'
is still on our charts. If any band deserves the chance to perform,
it's AS!
Rob Bennett

January 6, 2003
Buzzplay shout-out
I love their music. It's great. They are songs that are fun to listen to 
and genuinely good.

January 6, 2003
Buzzplay shout-out
i'm just dropping a quick note to say as totally rocks. i have seen them
in concert three times, every chance i could since seeing them the first
time! great songs, great stage presence. it's an absolute wonder these
guys aren't on the radio already....

January 6, 2003
Buzzplay shout-out
Hey Buzzplay, I just wanna say how much I dig Accidental Superhero.
In fact, "Miss You Like Crazy" is a sure-fire hit, in my humble opinion.
Talk to ya, Alex Reed

January 6, 2003
Buzzplay shout-out
I first saw Accidental Superhero opening for "The Calling" in 
Boulder, CO. I could not wait to see them again. In fact we 
found out that they were opening for "The Calling" a few days 
later in Denver, CO, my husband and I could not wait to go to 
the concert and take our 13 yr old son. I also have a 14 yr old 
daughter and she could not go with us. She has regretted it 
ever since. There has never been a band that both my son and 
daughter and we like, Accidental Superhero has bridged that 
gap. The music is energetic, fun and so original. We really have 
enjoyed listening to the music and they are just wonderful to see 
live. Thank you for taking the time to read this message...
Pola Nye

January 6, 2003
Buzzplay shout-out
Accidental Superhero should be number 1! Their songs are awesome, my
personal favorite being "Lay Down Your Head." Please pick them to be #1
because these guys deserve it!

January 6, 2003
Buzzplay shout-out
Please, please listen to me now and believe me later, AS is a super phenomenal
band that deserves to go to the big conference. I urge you with the utmost
enthusiasm to pick them, as their music is truly one of a kind.
Regards, Peter J. Loftsgordon

January 6, 2003
Buzzplay shout-out
Accidental Superhero is my favorite band. Their song, "Miss You Like Crazy"
is the best song playing anywhere. These guys should be touring the world
promoting their album. I tell everyone I know about this band. It's much
better than anything playing on the radio or MP3 today.
AS Superfan Joe

January 6, 2003
Buzzplay shout-out
I absolutely love this band! Great guys and very talented. I like "Lay Down
Your Head" the most. These guys will go far. - dps

January 6, 2003
Buzzplay shout-out
Wanted to give my two cents on a local band I finally
got to see last 

Being a music fan of owning over 1500 cds (not to mention my vinyl and 
cassette collection!) and someone who's hobby includes seeing live music 1 - 
3 times a week, I feel that Accidental Superhero is a group with talent and 
the ability to go all the way. Each performer compliments the other and the 
vocals sound awesome. You can see their enthusiam and passion throughout 
their performance. With so many different fabricated bands out there, it's 
refreshing to see a band with true talent and staying power.
I wish them the best of luck!
Stephanie Davis
Denver, CO

January 6, 2003
Buzzplay shout-out
Accidental Superhero is a solid band with original lyrics and great beat. I 
often get the songs stuck in my head all day long. Dudes, way to go!

January 6, 2003
Buzzplay shout-out
Hey guys I just want to say that Accidental Superhero rules! I have been
to two concerts and they ROCK! I have liked em since they first started
a few years ago and have both cds. My fave songs from them are "Miss you
like Crazy," "I'm Alone," and "Hope." They are a great band and i hope to
see them go far! Rock on!

January 6, 2003
Buzzplay shout-out
Dear BuzzPlay people,
Accidental Superhero is by far the best band I've ever heard. I've been one
of their biggest fans ever since hearing their tunes on (which held
top 10 spots on that site for weeks!). I especially fell in love with their
tune "miss you like crazy", which is *so* catchy! I was pleasantly surprised
when I saw them on NBC a month or so ago playing for the men's world downhill
ski competition. These guys are lyrically, artistically, and musically superior
to any group, established or up-and-coming, in my opinion. Accidental Superhero
deserve a chance to reach a wider audience, whom I know will really enjoy AS's
energy and creativity. Please do whatever you can to give these guys a shot.
They already have *plenty* of talent and they obviously appeal to hundreds of
thousands of fans (exemplified by their performance). More exposure is
all they need. They're a one-in-a-million band whose talent doesn't come often.
Invite them to the trade show; I know they'll make the exhibition a rockin'
fun time!
All the best, Josh Stuart

January 6, 2003
Buzzplay shout-out
To whomever it may concern, I would like to say that when it comes to unsigned
talent, I have noticed that one bands stands above the rest. They are:
Accidental Superhero.
I work at a college radio station and I listen to recordings of LOTS of
unsigned bands and these 4 boys stand far above the rest. I have listened to
their 2002 release "Full Circle" many, many times and I have hooked many of
my friends into the Accidental Superhero's growing fanbase.
After seeing them at a small show in Los Angeles, I realized how much of a
future that they really had. Not only were they good on record (which can be
a bad representation of true ability) but seeing them Live was great as well.
Their musical ability and stage presence was more to what I would expect out
of a huge, globally known group. And these guys are Still unsigned. Please
give Accidental Superhero the chance to shine. You will not be dissapointed.
Thank You for your time! Adam C.

January 6, 2003
Buzzplay shout-out
Accidental could possibly be the best band I've heard out of the Springs in
over 8 years.

January 6, 2003
Buzzplay shout-out
go with AS.[accidental superhero}! next best thing to SICK TRIGGER
from bakersfield cali!!

January 6, 2003
Buzzplay shout-out
AS is one of the best bands to come out of the Colorado Springs scene.
And that is saying a lot being that I believe Colorado Springs has one
of the best music talents this nation has to offer. You can't go wrong
with this combination of power pop and melody that keeps you nodding
your head and singing along. Check out their latest CD and tune to
track #3.

January 6, 2003
Buzzplay shout-out
I've lived in Colorado Springs almost ten years, and nothing has been as
engaging in the local music scene as Accidental Superhero. Their energy
and sound live matches the songs on their demo that have become personal
favorites. I was lucky enough to get my hands on their full demo, and
it's a staple in my car and at home. I definitely believe these guys
deserve a shot at the big-time. Their sound and songwriting speaks for
Sincerely, Adam Holz

January 6, 2003
Buzzplay shout-out
These guys rock! Love the song 14 miles. Hope you can give them more

January 6, 2003
Buzzplay shout-out
Accidental Superhero is a great band that has a great mix of sounds that
are pleasing to the ears. I just play it and there are so many more fans
now up and down my dorm hall who hadn't heard of AS before.
sweet castaway and hurt me badly are my favorites.

January 2, 2003
these guys are off the hook.
ashley grey

January 2, 2003
I'm looking forward to hearing new material from you guys this spring.....
My brothers (our bass player) girlfriend bought your cd for me for
Christmas! It's pretty damn cool! We're now playing it between sets at our
shows! I'm very happy with it. You guys are a joy to listen to........
I look forward to seeing your show some day..... If you bring the energy
that you have in the music to the stage, I'm sure it's a great show!
Take care & good luck in the studio!

January 2, 2003
Hey guys from AS,
I met you this summer following a concert where you opened for the Calling 
at the Ogden with my two friends Holly and Stefanie. I spoke with Jonny 
about Australia, and I just thought I'd write to say how much I loved it! I 
didn't end up getting the chance to go to Melbourne (I think that's where 
you said you grew up), but I LOVED Sydney and hit Bondi and Manly then flew 
to Brisbane and went on a bus ride to Byron Bay and Noosa. I loved 
Noosa--much like Laguna Beach, CA; and Byron like Boulder, CO. Then I flew 
to Cairns and went to Cape Trib and the Daintree and snorkeled on the reef 
up there. I must say you come from an AWESOME country....I'd love to go 
back. Oh yeah, I also saw Fraser and tried Tim Tams and Sticky Date pudding. 
Good veggimite. I should have! I must go back.
Also...on another note. I feel awful for having hesitated to get your CD. 
Turns out you all have made one of my fav CD's. Very rarely do you find CD's 
where you like ALL the JLO's. I like some of them, but the 
rest is horrible. Or I can't think of another, but you know what I mean I'm 
sure. I honestly love your whole CD, and I'm not just saying it. I listen to 
it so much my sister has become a fan. I thought I'd mention that. I hope 
you all are doing well and keep up the good music!
Best of luck and HAppy New YeaR!
Sally Maurer

December 27, 2002
Leah Tadina

December 22, 2002
Buzzplay shout-out
This is one of the best bands I have heard all year among all of the
other crap that is "commercial". Look for big things from this band
in 2003 and years to come. I have traveled and visited and lived in
many countries (US Army) and heard allot of different artist up and
coming in the past 30 years and I found this act by chance....but it
was the best find to date! Keep this sound alive and crank it up for
all to hear! "Accidental Superhero", they very well might just be that!
Chris Burns
Murfreesboro, TN

December 22, 2002
Just wanna say that this is one of the best bands I've heard in a
long time and I hope they get the success they deserve.

December 21, 2002
Buzzplay shout-out
Just a quick shout out to the hardest working band in Colorado. 
They are truly a great set of close to making it 
national! Hope you help them (by selecting them) on their journey 
to the BIG TIME! 
They deserve it! 
-Ann Marie

December 19, 2002
So I was wearing an AS shirt the other day,(it was the blue one with red
writing). Well everyone loved it and asked me who it was. I told them and
now I believe you have some new fans. Anyway there were even a few people who
knew who you guys were. Well that's all I had to say, so until later, peace
and rock on-

December 18, 2002
I think your music is very uplifting and most of all, it will get people on
their feet! It would be a honor to share the same stage with you.... I've
been telling as many people as possible about you guys and I'm going to purchase
your latest cd to spin between our sets!
Have a Happy Holidays!!!

December 18, 2002
Hurt me Badly Remix - This is an amazing mix... nice work !

December 18, 2002
I'm not usually into the whole pop-rock scene but damn you guys aren't bad
at all - I love the Hurt Me Remix and I also really like Don't Care Anymore
from your website. Awesome logo ideas for t-shirts etc... I specifically
like how you mix modern radio alternative rock with club beats on the two
tracks mentioned. The more you do this the more you will likely stand out
like Linkin Park did with their neo-industrial grunge rock - keep it up man
you rock!!
What's your label search like these days? Any luck?

December 17, 2002
Thanks for the free remix! I love that tune! You guys have some of the best
hooks and melody that I've come across........ You guys make me want to work
harder! Thanks again! Have a great New Years Eve!

December 17, 2002
The club remix rocks! - anyway i loved it. i hope that all goes well, and
that u all have a merry christmas

December 17, 2002
The remix sounds tight! I think everyone will like it. By the way, when you
all decide to go on the road and head toward Indiana, drop me a line. I have
a buddy that runs a club here that likes to bring in bands before they break.
I got to see Nickelback (not my favorite) there before they broke. I have to
say your tunes have some of the best hooks I've heard in a while. Good luck
in the studio.
Peace, Ryan F

December 17, 2002
I have listen to a lot of music in the past 30 years...and what I have
heard from you all is great and needs to be heard outside of Colorado.
Well, hope you all have a merry Christmas and a Happy new year. And let your
fans know that I have made a mini disc for my wife to take to Afghanistan or
Iraq or where ever she is being deployed to with the Tennessee National guard.
She will be rocking to you all as she rocks on their a__ with big guns!
Hope to see you all soon!
Chris Burns

December 17, 2002
You guys make great music and i've been spreading the word down here, lots of
my people really like your stuff. ill be back in CO this Friday till the day
after christmas, and id really like to buy one of your shirts.
Please let me know if you are ever having a concert in Central Texas.
Thanks, Ryan "Bluflash" Slezia

December 17, 2002
Hurt me badly ROCKS! Take it all the way guys........... 

December 17, 2002
thanks for the song/remix...listening to it now....
merry xmas, happy holidays....I hope they are... :)
see you later

December 17, 2002
This is a fan of long forgotten times...heh...and I just wanted to say hi and
how glad I am for all of you.

December 16, 2002
hey guys. I couldn't make your last concert. sorry its finals week!
anyway let me know when you guys are playing again. I need to come see you
guys again. Well good luck with everything and Merry Christmas to all of you.

December 15, 2002
I just listened to your song "Hurt me badly" and thought it was amazing. We
need more music like that on the radio today. I was curious if you have a
c.d out with that song on it. Please let me know so I can listen to it more

December 14, 2002
Good material. These guys have what it takes. I'll be watching for them!

December 13, 2002
I love to go see you guys but I'm not 21, tell me when you guys are going to
perform a 16+ show. thanks and love you guys a lot

December 13, 2002
Hey dude...just wanted to let you know that people are eating your music up 
like candy!
Happy Holidays....Happy Christmas...Merry New Year...and WORLD PEACE,
Rob Bennett
Sorenson Pacific Broadcasting
On-Air Personality

December 12, 2002
I heard one of your tunes on MojoMusicStudio from Nov 25th and I
"had to" check you guys out! Man........ you guys are making me work
harder than ever! You've got some of the catchiest melodies and the
coolest guitar riffs I've heard for as long as I can remember!!!
Now this....... this is ROCK! Thanks again!

December 11, 2002
Hey guys-
This is Jeff from against tomorrow's sky. I got a copy of the new
album the other night at our show and I am writing to let you know
how much I am enjoying it. Well written - well played - well produced...
just a super-quality record that I am glad I have the chance to rock!
Ya done good boys! Put us on your mailing list if you get a chance so
we can get to one of your shows. Right now my fav song is "miss you
like crazy", that chorus hook is the bomb. talk to you soon. 
El Heffe

December 11, 2002
sup yo!
glad ur movin' ur show around but ya still need to come to cali....
i know i bug u about it hella but come on i know u guys wanna?;)
heheh Keep it up babes.

December 11, 2002
Whats up guys. I just want to say "Hurt Me Badly" is one of the best
songs ive heard on, and im on it every day. Just that guitar
intro, with the riffs, then as it peaks up at that part. Ohh man.
Keep that sh_t going guys.

December 9, 2002
Dude, you guys sound awesome on your I need to see you guys
in person. Hopefully I can catch you next time you're playing here at
home, otherwise, I'm gonna have to grab a girl and road trip up to
Denver to see your show. Talk to ya soon,
Phil Boyce

December 8, 2002
Hey AS,
I doubt that you guys remember but I went to your show that one night
at the Hotel in L.A. It was for Taxi. Anyways, I had a fantastic time
and wanted you guys to know how much I enjoy your music. Me and my
roommates and now neighbors all play your Full Circle album all the time.
We love it and see a great future for you guys. 
Thank You Very Much!

December 7, 2002
Sweet Tunes!
Cheers, Django

December 6, 2002
Hey! I heard some of your music, and it sounds great, so I have decided to
put you down as one of my artist links.

December 6, 2002
I came across this group by shear luck on , and am so glad I did!
With a sound bursting with energy and rhythm I will not be surprised if
this band breaks through as the next big thing. The collection of songs
from their cd entitled "Full Circle", defiantly defines the bands musical
talent. This is pure rock that has strayed away from the masses of
unoriginality, and is truthful in every riff and lyric. It has hooks and
melodies that make it radio-friendly, but also possesses a sound that
separates them from the pack. The vocals are smoothing and soothing,
guitars powerfully sweet, and the bass and drums make it so complete.
This band has potential, and the ball is in their court now, its up to
them what they do with it.
Alex Ploegsma

December 6, 2002
Great Album! Get to the Midwest fast!

December 5, 2002
Just wanted to say that you guys were great at Herman's Hideaway Tuesday. 
It's cool to see you guys playing a lot and sneaking up to Denver every
once in a while. Thanks to Jon and "The Bread" for the autographs. I want
you guys to put one of my friends on your mailing list. I let her listen
to your cd's and she thinks you guys are cool.
It was cool to meet Trevor too.

December 5, 2002

The shirts are awesome! You guys fully rock.
Thanks for everything,

December 3, 2002
WOW Love the riffs!! VERY ORIGINAL

December 2, 2002
from what ive heard on the radio station here in wichita (fly 92.7) you
guys are awesome. You guys really need to come here and play!!!

November 28, 2002
Hey guys.. just in case you didn't know.. you guys kick a__ - i love the
music that's why i decided you need to come to washington.. my bf got
me started on yur music and i love every song i've heard i don't have a
cd yet but i'm gettin one this weekend.. but you have to lemme know
when you do come so i can get tickets for me and my boy.. alright..
peace, Callan

November 26, 2002
I am just dying for an Accidental Superhero T-shirt, and I'm sure other fans
are as well. I want something to wear to show of my favorite band, and if
you guys could produce a T-shirt, that would be awesome. So please, please,
please produce a t-shirt!
Thanks, Erin Gray

(NEWSFLASH FROM A.S. - Mens and Ladies shirts are available on the MERCH page!) 

November 26, 2002
I just downloaded Full Circle; it totally rocks!! It is definitely one of
my favorite cds ever. I was wondering if you could add me to your email
list. Thanks,
Jeremy Slade

November 22, 2002
Kudo's my guys are blowin' up!!!!!
Have a great Thanksgiving!
Al (RockFish)

November 22, 2002 guys are BIG time :)
I'll have to check you out on sunday. Congrats! keep at it.

November 21, 2002
YOUR music is F___ing AWESOME!!!!!
hi, we're from mexico (excuse our english) but u play very cool.

November 18, 2002
this is mike the drummer from the band Forced Entry. we played the CBGB'S gig 
with you guys in august. i love your CD and i hope you guys do well, i 
totally dig your music, great hooks and killer licks. you guys gotta make it
for sure! we are still banging around but don't believe we are gonna try and
pursue the national stuff anymore. too much bullsh_t and we lack the 
motivation. rock on man and good luck!

November 16, 2002
Hey guys --
Just a head's up that you're our next featured act in our Indie Spotlight...
Howard @ radio.wazee

November 15, 2002
Hey guys - it's Klarita, manager of Defined Print (from the new music
awards). Just wanted to drop a line and see how you all recovered from our
little trip to nyc.
I see you guys put the pics up on your site - that is very cool. I'm going
to have to do the same since all the film in my camera came out absolutley
blank (some film winding pblm with the camera). I promised to take
photos and I did, they just didn't come out. I'm really sorry. I think I
would've gotten some kick- a$$ photos if they had.
Anyway gentlemen, it was a pleasure for the three of us to meet all of you.
If you're ever in the DC area, please let us know so we can come out and
keep in touch,

November 12, 2002
Dear band,
I really enjoy the songs you have written, and recorded. What part of
Colorado Springs are you guys from? And when is your next gig? Let me know!

November 11, 2002
Wow! You guys are really good. I saw you live in LA (for TAXI, as a guest),
and I was extremely impressed. Ever think about playing in Phoenix, Arizona
(being the only large city in my state, I'd enjoy it if you could.) I liked
how you weren't all hard and heavy, but not all soft and mellow... every song
covered the loud, the light, and the in between. Can't wait to see you on
MTV or VH1 (as a way to ease my nerves from too much monotonous boy bands.....)

November 9, 2002
I just got back from your gig at the Westin Hotel taxi event.
Funny, I am a musician (, but I presumed 'taxi
registration' meant pick up tickets at the desk where hotel guests order
taxi's. So it was kind of strange, wading through all these desperate
looking 'independent musicians', bursts of bad guitar sounds erupting all
over the lobby. Thank God I didn't come early, I thought. Someone might
have sold me a Roland.
Anyway, I just wanted to drop you a line and tell you how much you rock.
Your hooks are so solid, your guitar player oozes sweet riffs and vocal
harmonies (both could have been turned up in the mix, actually - at the
Westin, that was - it's perfect on your CD production), the lead singer
looks like a great guy who everybody must surely want to be friends with,
plus his voice is right on, the bass player shreds, and the drummer's
tight.... you're all great. Your set is solid, and you have about five songs
that could be played CONSTANTLY on the radio and be massive hits. I can
tell. I have the magic ear for what is going to sell (unfortunately, my
style is no where near as commercial as yours, although you still might dig
it). Yes, I have a good ear, and I'm a psychic witch (I suppose all women
are....) ..... so trust me ;-) you'll be huge.....
I'd like to tell you something you could improve on, be a bit more
constructive, but I can't really. Except shoot that sound man (OK, I'm being
mean... it was probably down to the crap space...... but the guitar really
could have come up a bit in relation to the bass, and the whole thing
sounded kind of underwater..... apart from that he was brilliant)
OK, I'm going now... really..... I promise......
Thanks, Louise

November 9, 2002
Thank you for letting my friends and I come to your concert. Dang it was good.
It was a really good show. I look forward to your next tour here.
My friend says don't forget us when you're big.
But in all seriousness you guys are awesome and I am honestly surprised you
guys haven't exploded yet. It is because of airplay. My friend will try to get
you some here.
Thanks again. All of my friends had a great time hearing and meeting you all.
In Christ, Eric

November 4, 2002
Congrats on your continued upward mobility, presumably entirely as
a result of a LOT of breaking bottom. LA is good. Wish I could be
there to cheer you on. Also, you got a mention in a HitQuarters email
that linked to 3 articles.
Gordon Johnson

November 1, 2002
Hey! I just found your website! Looks like you guys are doing great. It is 
what you wanted so that is awesome. I see you will be in town soon for a 
concert. I'm sure it will be nice to see your family. Well hope you are 
doing well!
Gail Myers

October 30, 2002
You got my vote!!!! You also have an excellent marketing
campaign for your band if you don't mind me saying. I see how hundreds and
hundreds of bands market themselves, and you are in the top 10% of even the
top few bands that I've seen and heard as far as working on getting the word
out there about your music.
Thank you and good luck,

October 29, 2002
I forwarded your e-mail to the 2 yahoo groups that I belong to and
asked everyone to vote. Hope it works! I'll be pulling for you -
and good luck in NYC! Tell the guys that Mom and I will be saying
a prayer for you. Talk to you soon and break a leg Friday!

October 29, 2002
Good luck with this I'm excited for you! I've been keeping up with
all of your emails and can't tell you how much I'm pulling for you guys!
GOOD LUCK and keep me posted!

October 28, 2002
Enjoyed the show on Saturday. All my friends liked it, too. Peace.

October 27, 2002
I am going to the show on the 1st of Nov. As a guest list invite may
I bring a guest of my own to the show?
Thanks! Frank........

October 25, 2002
I heard on the radio that Jerry Cantrell got canceled and so you guys
were filling in for him. I really wish I could go but my dad said no.
But I hope you guys have a great time in New York.
Well- write back if you get a chance.
Thanks!! Bye.

October 24, 2002
Hi Guys, It's Shawnda Garrett from Chesapeake Ohio. I want to sign your
guest book and I don't mind giving my name and address but you should
know a lady never tells her age. I just ordered your cd's {mail order}
and can't wait to get them. Your music is really good and it appeals to
all age groups. Keep up the good work and congrats on the NBC spot.
I will be taping that! I'm hoping to see you perform live one day.

October 24, 2002
Just listened to some of your stuff online-Great!! I have been working
as a Mixing engineer for about 8 years, and I have access to some pretty
good places, especially if you're on a budget... anyway looks good for
you guys, keep rockin!!! 

October 24, 2002
I just wanna know when there will be a show in Miami!

October 24, 2002
These guys A.S. are great! Good luck and I will be voting.......

October 24, 2002
Just wanted to wish you guys good luck in NY! That's a long way to go
to play one song. In case you have nerves about the whole thing just
remember this. They picked you in the top ten from listening to the
"14 Miles" mp3. If it was the same version of the mp3 that I have heard
then they will be blown away when they hear it live. Compared to how you
played it last time I saw you at the Soiled Dove the mp3 is weak. 

October 23, 2002
hey, you guys are awesome, i'd love to be on the guestbook, thanks!
here's the info:
Theresa Dattolico 16 SOuth Florida

October 23, 2002
It's really cool to hear that A.S. is doing great. I wish you and the 
band to kick ... in NY ;) About that NBC Sports thing: Can you find out, 
if they'll have this show on NBC Europe?

October 22, 2002
Hey - congrats! I'm really happy for you guys! I know how hard you've
worked! It's nice to see it paying off. Hope you're doing well other-wise!
Let me know if you ever want to partner with Cede. I know our styles are
different, but it would be fun sometime!

October 22, 2002
Sweet, sounds like you guys are finally getting the recognition you deserve.
Man, you leave town for a few years, and you miss watching your friends turn
into a chart topping group of rock stars. best of luck
Nate Mapson

October 22, 2002
Awesome stuff. Congratulations on all of the awards that you have earned
so far. More to come I am sure. I listened to the other bands that won
of the 50 and none of them impressed me too much except for you guys.
Take that as you will, but you guys made an excellent cd.
Have a good one,

October 21, 2002
Just a quick note to say CONGRATULATIONS! Glad to see that a music
competition named for the drink that put food on the table for me when I was
growing up-----saw the talent in Superhero and placed you all in the top
ten!!!!! My dad owned a Coca-Cola plant for sixty years------he advanced
from a route boy (as they were called in the SOUTH) to owning the Coke
franchise for southern Missouri. He did all of this on a sixth grade
education-----of course my mom had a college education and helped him a
lot-------but, the point is-------keep on keeping on!!! Persistance does
work-----along with keeping God at the forefront of your lives. By the
way----nice article in the Gazette too! My prayers will follow your travel
plans. Best wishes and hugs.

October 21, 2002
YESSSSSSS....wooohooo!!! You go boyz! Congradulations i'm so glad i voted.
I hope you guys really make it - i love your music! Los Angels is as close
as you can get to fame even being on NBC which is a MAJOR Televison network.
CONGRADZ!!!!!!!!! I hope to see you guys some time in Sacramento.
love ya,
vacaville, CA

October 21, 2002 guys are tearin' it up....good on you man....
I got my fingers crossed for you...very cool news..
Al Garza

October 21, 2002
Hi's me, Melissa.  It's been so probably
don't even remember me. Sorry Tiffany and I couldn't come to that concert
about a month back...we got caught up in some other stuff. But believe me,
we really did want to go. It looks like with this whole New York, Los
Angeles thing we won't get to see you any time soon...but we'll try to see
you next chance we get.

October 21, 2002
Great Article in Sundays Paper! Hope you exceed any expectations in NY & 
LA! In our prayers for great success! - Mobley's

October 21, 2002
this was the first time I've heard your music. Your group has talent.
My husband likes your music too and says your as good as groups out 
there today on the radio.

October 20, 2002
Hey this is just to give you good luck!! We havent talked in a long while and
I just wanted to make sure you guys were getting what you deserve!!
I'm sure your very well off!! I know your very busy!!
Keep up the great work and excellent music!! I have faith in you!!! 
Love Always!! your pals Leanne and Ronni

October 19, 2002
Hi members of Accidental Superhero,
I'm creating a station on for quality Pop and Rock artists, and would
like to include one of your tracks.
If you have a particular song you want on the station, please let me know.
Greetings from Australia, Catherine

October 16, 2002
My name is Mark Phillips and I'm from a small town in Northeast Colorado 
called Haxtun. Well, I'm planning a huge festival out here on Memorial Day 
and I was wondering if you were willing to be involved. I've already booked 
about 4 bands (ATF, Strikethurman, Crossfire, Grounded) and plan to get more 
if possible. If you're interested, please contact me ASAP. I know that the 
date is a long ways away, but I want to get this event planned and get a 
website up.

October 16, 2002
Hello dear friends,
while surfing through the web I read about your music and as I have a huge
interest in it, I decided to get in touch and ask you something.....
As I'm running a website myself I was wondering if I could hear some
material so I can review this possible????
Many thanks!!!!!

October 15, 2002
Hey there,
I really enjoyed listening to your music - some great work you've got there!!!
Thanks for the music . . . and keep on rockin' in the free world!
-Papa Bone

October 14, 2002
Awesome! I love the tracks you have sent.
We hope to see you in concert soon, that is if you are even playing small
coffee houses with your talent!

October 11, 2002
Hey, how's it going!!!
Are you guys signed yet?? Man, I love the new songs you added to mp3.
I really love "Hold on". It really sounds pro.
Well, any tips would be cool because I just think you guys do some of the best
stuff I've heard on MP3 plus I can't believe you're not signed. You must sell a
ton of CD's at your shows... and you have to come to Philly one day!!!!
Thanks for your time!!! Later!!!

October 11, 2002
Hey what's up?
I'm Jason, 19, a sophmore at Michigan State University. I luckily stumbled
upon your music but unfortunatley, everyone I've talked to out here has no
idea who you guys are. So I wanna be your man to help out cause you guys
are fricken awesome!! I need to educate the crowds of the greatest thing
that has hit these streets in the last decade. Anything I can do, I'm here
for you, let me help ya out!! 

October 8, 2002
I LOVE your tune "Hold On". Thanks for posting it. I love it!!
Luv, Clare

October 7, 2002

October 7, 2002
I'd just like to say your music is great, and I wish you the best in
everything you guys do, because it will be well deserved!

October 4, 2002
Hey guys,
I just bought both CDs. Good stuff. Can't wait til you guys make it up
to Northern Colorado. Greeley needs a great band like you guys to rock
the place. And good luck on the battle of the bands - you already have
my vote!

October 1, 2002
I was just on and saw your band name and freaked!
congrats I always loved you guys and wish you nothing but the best!
Can't wait to get a copy of the new album!
Take it easy and again congratulations!
Good luck and God bless.
-erik ewing

September 28, 2002
I was thoroughly impressed with the three samples of songs you had on
the web page. I really want to see you in concert.
Take care and keep me up to speed with this thing.

September 28, 2002
hey accidental superhero!
my name's lindsey! and i've been listening to you guys for awhile...
you guys rock! but you need to come out to detroit! they'd love you!
think about it...and if you make it out here give me a ring!

September 27, 2002
hey way cool stuff!!! keep it up. Taf.
I'm T from BEE-OH-BEE and $ick Trigger. here in bakersfield cali....
you guys ever comin here??

September 27, 2002
Hey, I found your music on and I absolutely love it! You guys
need to play outside of Colorado so I can see you!! If you are anywhere
in Virginia, you can be sure I'll be at your show. Keep rock'n on!!
Richmond, VA

September 27, 2002
My name is Stefan. I have checked out your music and the articles written
about you. First of all I have to say that the buzz you have built up is
very impressive, and I think your music is cool too. I was wondering if
you could tell me a bit about the latest developments; have you or are you
close to signing any deals? Are you touring? What are your plans?
What do you wish for, what is the goal you're working towards?
Best regards,

September 24, 2002
I'm from C. Springs too- you guys are awesome

September 24, 2002
How's it going guys? This is Ben from Fort Collins Colorado. I saw
you at the Gothic, and at the Fox in Boulder (we saw you guys on Sunday
and then on Monday, it was rad). I just wanted to drop a line saying
thanks for being so cool to my friends and I. I bought both of your
albums and have been listening to them nonstop. Well, once again thanks
for being so kind, and good luck with future ventures. I also have a band,
and we are just releasing our cd. Maybe you guys could take a listen if I
sent it to you? You don't have to, but I would really appreciate the
criticism. Drop me a line sometime if you have time.
See ya, and thanks again.

September 23, 2002
I am totally stoked that you guys have a show in Boulder at the Fox.
Rock on!!!!!!!!
Peace, Dave

September 23, 2002
Hi guys this is Kellie from a band formally known as Depulah Raza...
now Eyes Caught Fire. You sound absolutely tight and solid in your style!
It has been great to see you succeed and continue rocking out! I'll be
glad to say I knew you back when!
We'd be honored to play with you some time if you'd like...
But you guys sound awesome!! Looking forward to your next show!!!

September 22, 2002
accidental superhero rocks!

September 19, 2002
When are you guys coming back to New York City? I just discovered you on the
web a couple of days ago. You guys f___ing rock! I so would have been at CBGB's.

September 16, 2002
Just wanted to drop you a quick message and see how things are going for the
band lately. Are you coming up to the Denver area any time soon? We really miss
your music. Well let me know so I can write it down on the calender, also do you 
play in Springs? If so let me know and maybe we can swing down there sometime.
Hope all is well, take care...

September 11, 2002
I listened to ur sounds on and I really like it! U guys dont have a 
plan to come to japan and tour or something?? I'm in a band too, so we can 
play together sometime here in japan or there in the states. AS kicks aaaaas!!

September 5, 2002
I'm pushing for you guys here in Chicago. You guys got something, and I hope to
help start the spark as much as I can. I heard about you through and I
was really impressed and I have been rooting for you guys for a long time.
I wrote my radio station yesterday and asked them to play your songs.
I am trying to get the word out for ya guys. 

September 4, 2002
Your CD is sweet as hell. Great hooks and great songwriting. We is diggin it.

August 31, 2002
i saw you w/ audiovent and now i'm hooked!!! you guys rock!!!

August 29, 2002
hey what a great sounding group!!! wishing you all the best!! maybe someday you all
can book a gig close to huntington wv!!! i'm one of your biggest fans!!!
best wishes and good luck.
love you all, drema from huntington wv

August 29, 2002
Hey guys,
I've been searching for some good tunes of indie bands and I just wanted
to say, when I found Accidental Superhero and gave you a listen I was rockin' out!
I'll be sure to order a CD (or 3 or 4 to give to friends). Keep it up and I hope
you guys can swing by Milwaukee sometime soon!
Take care, Jay Trommer - Libertarian for State Assembly

August 26, 2002
Hello, I was looking to broadcast a song or two of yours and promote you on our
websites and the national site

August 26, 2002
Hey...I run a radio station and I was wondering if I could get a CD from your band.
We have some requests for your CD on our radiostation and this is the only place I
can find your CD. IF you could either send me one or give me a phone number or
forward this email to your distributor i would appreciate it.
Corey - KANR Fly 92.7

August 26, 2002
Here's this station I like at 
World Of Rock
Here's my station... Haven't done much to it lately, just adding you guys to it.

August 23, 2002
EVERYBODY loves your music. They are all excited about using it in the
film. I can't wait for you to see the film and how your music enhances the
whole experience.
Have a great weekend. If you ever play LA, let me know...I'll bring a group
of people with me to the show.
Thanks, Devin

August 22, 2002
LOVE your MUSIC!!!!

August 22, 2002
Hi, surfing around at, I listened to your tune "sweet castaway",
and think it is great, keep it coming

August 21, 2002
Awesome Job! Sounds Great!

August 21, 2002
This band ROCKED! I saw them open for the Calling in Boulder July 31, 2002.
I went there liking The Calling, and I left LOVING Accidental Superhero!
A brand new fan,

August 20, 2002
Ya know I've been thinking, if you really look at mp3, you have to figure
300,000 people had access to computers and somehow made their way to There are millions of people out there without access or don't give
two sh__s about If I was a record company, I would look at it like
that was potentially 300,000 albums sold, 200k away from gold. With all the
fabulous feedback you've gotten from the press and fans, if AS had a record
deal and were properly promoted, they would sell millions in theory.
a loyal denver fan

August 20, 2002
You guys are unbelievable!!
Next time you are in NY I will be there! 

August 20, 2002
You guys continue to play your cards just right. It's only a matter of time 
until the world is yours. And you guys deserve it -- you've worked hard at 
it and you've done it yourself. Continued good luck.

August 19, 2002
Great stuff man! Congrats on your reviews!
Can't wait to see you guys on MTV!
How do I get one of your CDs?

August 19, 2002
I sent my friends to the BB King show! You guys were great!

August 19, 2002
It would really be fun to see you guys live again! I really had fun at the
last concert! I'm not sure if you remember me, but I got your autograph.
At the end of the calling concert at the fox, i bought a tanktop with your
logo on it, i wear it all the time. I bet you will get your record deal soon,
because you are really good...

August 18, 2002
Love your lyrics... can relate to alot of 'em
Roger Crain, 17, Capitola, CA

August 18, 2002
(Concert Review)
Hi guys! This is Paige of Paige 23...We played the set before you at BBKing's
in NYC this past weekend. We hope you had as much fun as we did! I really wanted
to say that I thought your entire package was amazing! Your songs are great,
the live show is great, holy cannoli it was awesome all the way around.
I hope you'll put me on your mailing list for when you hit New York again.
I've got your CD in my CD player, and all three of us have been raving about
your sound and all that. We even put a link to your site from ours
Wish you guys the best of luck,

August 18, 2002
Hey guys!
I love your music and just ordered both of your cds! but i was wondering, 
what is the difference between #3 and #12?? you guys are great! keep it up! 
you need to come do a show in detroit! i would love to see you.

August 18, 2002
Hi my name is Robin I am 21. I used to live in Denver, and all of the local
bands were pretty good, but you guys are amazing. I saw you opening for the
calling, got all of your autographs in a little blue book with a duck on the
front =) But I lost it at the show. I live in Reno Nevada, and I would love
to purchase some of your music. I downloaded some off the internet, but it's
not the same as having the actual CD. Please put me on the guest book, I
would love to see you guys if you ever come to Reno.

August 17, 2002
ended up with an mp3 of hurt me badly... forgot where I found it...
love that song... enough to buy your music

August 17, 2002
I love this band's music. Really hot stuff! The guitars are insane...
good vocals... good songs... I'm gonna get the full CD. Lookin forward
to hearing it. Keep up the incredible music. Great band!

August 16, 2002
(Concert Review)
- Feedback from the showcase at CBGB's -
I'm still amazed at how accidental totally blew away my expectations; their 
recorded music is good but it doesn't capture the spirit of the band; their 
real charisma is revealed on stage ... the experience of listening to them 
and seeing them live is really night and day; we all loved them, loved 
them, loved them." 
Ezana Gereme, New York City

August 15, 2002
I know you guys are showcasing in NYC at the moment, but when u get back
it would be awesome if you read this. :) I was at the Calling Concert in Boulder,
and it was an awesome show. You guys really rock!! I won yer "full circle" cd...
Its really sweet... I listen to it all the time. I love the songs: Miss you like 
crazy, so easy, the way down, + lay down yer head most... I love the whole cd,
but those songs really stand out. :)
I know you guys are going to make it big. Not only is your music a ton better
than most of the music playing on the radios, but you guys are so nice, at least
it seems like, hehe... I basically stopped listening to the radio, and now only
listen to your cd. My friend was over last night and I listened to the 
cd the whole time, and she memorized the choruses of most songs... :)

August 15, 2002
you guys freaking rock
good stuff!
rock on

August 14, 2002
(this review available online at
I have to say that there are few bands that claim to have "x" amount of
MP3 downloads that would even get me to look twice at them. The fine folks
at Ariel Publicity though, send us good stuff. So, I popped in Accidental
Superheroes upon their recommendation. Their CD is not available in stores
but you can find them at Why did I just tell you where to find their
music? The answer is simple, they have done the unthinkable in my world.
Accidental Superheroes has become (in a span of about 1 day) one of my
favorite albums of this year. 
Musically, these guys just play great pop rock. It's creative, guitar and
vocal driven, and tremendously strong. Their guitar pop sound is rounded out
by a very creative use of samples and loops that completely enhance the songs.
This is just good rock music. Bands like Dishwalla, Remy Zero, New Found Glory,
and The Newsboys are just now arriving on the evolutionary step that Accidental
Superheroes currently lives on. The music is intense, just aggressive enough,
just musical enough, and it makes you feel good. How many bands in 2002 make you
feel good? Very few! 
All in all, I can't recommend this pre-release enough! You can find out more about
the band at This album is not available in stores
but I guarantee you that if you seek it out you will not be disappointed. It's a
can't miss. Any label that is not interested in these guys is missing out on a gold
mine. Accidental Superhero is the future and the future is right now. 
Album Grade - A ++ 
Key Song -"Miss You Like Crazy" 
Mark Fisher 

August 14, 2002
where can i buy the cd - you guys rock

August 14, 2002
you guys are awesome
andrew polin

August 13, 2002 guys name is Brice and I'm in Rubber Planet (Denver band). 
Do you guys need help getting shows here in Denver? I can help.

August 13, 2002
You guys rock. How many times does this chica here have 'AS' on her?

August 12, 2002
you have got to be one of the best bands that have come out in a long time.
keep up the great work!
Caitlin G.

August 12, 2002
I really like your music so far. Keep doin' the good work! 
I'd like to know if there is any more merchandise than just those 
fantastic albums eveyman and full circle.
Greetings from an impressed rocker.

August 11, 2002
Man you guys are great!!!!!!
You guys should definitly come here and play!
Grant Jenkins

August 11, 2002
You guys are HUGE on Best of luck getting signed!
my fave song (not just by you but by anyone) is now miss you like crazy.
I lurve it.

August 10, 2002
Dear Accidental Superheros:
You guys are great. I just got your demo cd and I really liked it.
I played it for my friends at work and they thought it was great too.
I believe you guys are going to make it big. I would like to order all
of your cds but I would like mine autographed. How can I do that?
I want them for keepsakes so I can say I knew you when.
Love you, Shawnda

August 10, 2002
Heard your stuff on
Sounds pretty good over here in England - keep it up you'll go far.

August 10, 2002
Hey guys!! I had a blast at the second concert!! Thanx for not leaving us
on colfax!! I'm glad I got to sign your van!! I wish that I had still
been in Colo this past Fri, so that I could go see you again! But
unfortunatly I had to come back to Chicago!! I will definitely be looking
out for you!! And we have to keep in touch so that when I go back to Colo
to visit i will know if you will be playing!!! I will keep you in my
prayers, so hopefully you get a record deal!! You guys deserve it!!
Keep in touch!! Thanx for EVERYTHING!! Talk to you soon!! 
Your friend and fan, 

August 9, 2002
Hey, just wanted to say what's up and tell you that I
heard your stuff on It sounds good and also
sounds radio friendly. I also checked out your
website - keep gigging, that's the way to do it.
Anyway, good luck with everything.
Chris Nicolo(drums),NY.

August 9, 2002
Wow and I just am so happy (and jealous) for all your good news!
260,000 downloads from and the radio airplay list is just
incredible. I am so impressed. You are on your way.
Please keep me posted. Wow.

August 8, 2002
Dear Accidental Superheros, I used to play your songs on my radio show
back in South Dakota, like in 99. I hope you are the same band, because
those songs are awesome. I still have a copy of the promo, Anyway, i live
in SoCal now, so if you all ever come out on tour let me know and i'll do
some street team stuff for you, you know putting up flyers and clogging
message boards, all of that stuff. let me know, you all are rad.

August 8, 2002
I can't tell you how much I love you guys' music. Your CD plays in my car
all the time and the songs are so catchy, that most people think they know
the songs when they play.

August 7, 2002
Heard your stuff on of the best around these days.
You guys rock!!!

August 6, 2002
Hey All,
I just wanted to thank you all again, the concert was great and it was fun to 
talk to you afterwards. I don't think I will be able to make it too your 
concert on Friday because I have to work, but I definitely want to come see
you again. Break a Leg! 

August 6, 2002
(Concert Review)
What a studly show! These guys are so full of energy - it makes for an
awesome concert! Not only are they amazing on stage, but off stage too.
They were more than willing to sign my water bottle and CD!
I love these guys!

August 6, 2002
Hi! im a big fan, but I can't seem to find your cd. I really want it, so i
can listen to it in my car and in my room instead of just on the computer.
If you know anywhere i can get one, and about how much they are, i'd really
appreciate it. thanks!

August 6, 2002
I listened to your music and really like it. Particularly 'Lay Down Your Head'.
I learned about your music through the Pop messenger service! I am also an
MP3 artist/songwriter that writes in several genres.
I also have a pop station 'elleMAC' that I'm considering putting your song on!
I'm at If you do listen,
please let me know what you think. I value my fellow artists feedback. 
Lisa MacDonald

August 6, 2002
I just had to tell you that this girl I work with has a friend that was at the
show friday and was totally star-struck by you guys. She was totally excited
because she got to go to Denny's with y'all. I just thought you might like to
hear that. You guys are becoming like Goodtimes Burgers... You're gonna be big!!!
Peace, Dave

August 5, 2002
you guys are quite good. i have been listening to your stuff from
and am thoroughly content.
i have a request which i will understand if you turn it down but here goes.
i am requesting if you would be able to send me some guitar music of your songs?
thanks, eric

August 5, 2002
Accidental superhero kicks a__. I bought the CD and love it!
You guys are awesome and will be huge someday.
I hope that by joining the street team I can be part of it!

August 5, 2002
Awesome CD! keep on jammin...

August 4, 2002
Hi Guys,
Thank you so much for the tickets. We really enjoyed seeing 
you Friday night. My son had a good time and likes your music. 
My 14 yr. old daughter also likes it and that never happens. So 
you seem to be on the right track, in fact my daughter was upset 
that I didn't get your long CD. So let me know when you playing 
again, esp. if you come up to the metro area. I told Chris that if 
you need any help with selling CD's let me know, if I'm in town 
I would love to help.
Well take care and thank you again for the tickets, we had a great time.
Pola Nye

August 3, 2002
Just a note to say I like your songs.
Thanks, Greg Deering

August 2, 2002
My friend and I saw you for the first time opening for The Calling at
The Fox Theatre!! We had a blast and really enjoyed the music!! We had
a great time and plan to do it again!! We especially liked how you guys
acted towards your fans!! To be active with fans is good!! Thanx for the
deals!! Have fun at Denny's!! Thanx for being an inspiration!! Have fun!! 
With good fortune, your fans, Leanne & Ronni

August 1, 2002
Wanna know why record sales suck and record companies are complaining?
Because record companies have their heads stuck so far up their a__ they
can't hear good music when it hits them in the face! Accidental Superhero is
the s___! Period, point blank! If there are any good A&R still left in the
business, after listening and watch AS perform, they would sign them right

August 1, 2002
Hi! My name is Danielle, and I was just at the Fox in Boulder, where you 
opened for the calling. I love your music, and won a free cd. Thanks so much 
for the autographs! I am listening to the cd right now! I love the song miss 
you like crazy! I'm glad that you guys are from Colorado!

August 1, 2002
You guys seriously ROCK HARD!!! I'll do everything I can to tell everyone I 
know about you. I really hope you keep it going, there isn't even ONE bad song 
on the CD... Love ya'll Lots !!! Jam on!
All The love, Lacy (From The Calling Concert)

July 31, 2002
I loooove your music! You need to come do a show in Texas soon! I know I know...
It's kinda boring here... The most exciting places are Austin, Dallas, and
Houston... BUT you still need to come do a show down here soon!

July 31, 2002
hey, my name's lexie,,,,, its crazie..... i was gettin some other song called
hurt me..... then urs came up and i got it... it was incredible....... so i
tried to get more..... but you dont have many songs on kazaa... so i went around
tryin to find clips of your music and you're f___in awesome i swear....... so
here's the thing... like i'm over in the philly area .. you guys gotta come tour
around here .. i saw you're only over near like CO and stuff well anyways.....
when does your cd come out?? i need it - im serious i love it... i aready got
everyman......... alright well email me back!! thanks i'll talk to u then

July 31, 2002
You guys rock.
I am a musician living in Venice - I accidentally stumbled on your site -
you sound huge. Thanks for the feeling.

July 30, 2002
I am taking my online station ALL INDIE MUSIC in about 2 weeks and I
listened to your stuff online and I LOVE IT!
Would it be ok to play your stuff on Hot Hit Radio (
Thanks, JJ

July 29, 2002
hey guys!
do you think you guys will ever make it to Detroit? me and my friends 
live in MI and we love you guys! i hope you'll come visit soon!
love always always

July 29, 2002
you guys are amazing! i've got a little singer/songwriter band thing going on
here in denver and i can't wait to see your live show. i'll probably be at one
accord because i play this wed. nite. anyway, i'm blown away by your sound and
your future looks extremely bright. if you guys need a support guy on the road
let me know.
peace, love and light-

July 29, 2002
(Song Review)
This Colorado Springs band is poised to burn the roof down around the country.
I'll say it right now, "Hurt Me Badly" is one kick a__ track that doesn't fail
to deliver. The music is totally rabid. It starts out like simple acoustic, and
then slams in with some of the best electric alternative since the last release by
Third Eye Blind. And these guys are serious when they say they can play, because
they're ready with their brand of insanely catchy hooks to drive you mad. Trust me,
this is going to be big.
Vocally, Jonathan Kuiper assails you with a tight blend of pop, rock, and
alternative that catches you off guard with the sheer intensity. He keeps it up,
not letting go for a second, until the song ends a short three minutes after you
hit play. I can almost guarantee that once you've played this song, you'll be
hitting repeat. It is that catchy.
With singles like this, I expect to hear a lot of advance praise for their upcoming
album "Full Circle". I've already caught the front end of their online advertising
blitz, this band is hungry for the success they know they deserve. Isn't it time
you stopped reading this and went to their page?
Accidental Superhero is waiting for you.
review by Jonathan Sanders -

July 28, 2002
Wow. not only is the music great, intense and really cool, but your ability to
promote yourselves on the internet in incredible. I was wondering if maybe you
guys could give me a few tips, pointers, a blueprint or whatever to help me get
my band's music out there as well as you guys have. WOW. i have watched you guys
go from 900 plays to nearly 250,000 in a few months. that is great. Thanks,
Jon Temkin

July 28, 2002
I just downloaded "sweet castaway", and it sounds great! I'm shocked that you
guys aren't on a major label - or is that something you're even interested in
doing? From the description at it sounds like you're doing pretty well
without it. I don't know if you know the band of not, but you bear a somewhat
intangible (in so much as I can't articulate it) similarity to Big Wreck. 
Good Stuff though.

July 27, 2002
Hi my name's Michael, I'm from Sydney, Australia.
I downloaded your song, 'Sweet Castaway'. It sounds excellent, so keep up the
good work! I think you guys have great potential.
You guys are getting a load of hits!!!
:) cya michael.

July 27, 2002
Hey what's up, I saw you guys at the Soiled Dove on Tuesday. (I was the
chick in the blue MXPX shirt an Capri/pants. You guys signed a drumstick for
me and my friend. Once again thank you so much.) Anyway, you guys were
f___ing awesome. G_d, I wish you guys had played for longer. Anyway I just
wanted to say what's up and that I love you guys and you're my heroes. (I know
it sounds obsessive or crazy, but someday I want to be able to be in a band
as f___ing good as you guys.) Thanks for being such a down-to-Earth band and
so appreciative to your fans. Anyway if you guys want to write back or
something I'd love you forever. Seriously.

July 26, 2002
You guys were super fantastico, great show!!!!
Love ya,

July 25, 2002
Hi, I saw you guys in concert and I've listened to your CD everyday since
then. I got my friends listening to you guys and they've made copies for
themselves.( I hope that's ok.) Any way your CD has reached half of Green
Mountain and I and some of my friends were wondering if maybe you guys could
be able to play for a cheerleading fundraiser, or any concerts for our school.
Homecoming maybe? Any way I know you guys have a lot on your plate all ready
but I was just letting you know that Green Mountain loves you. Hope to see
you in concert again. Thank You and Good Luck.

July 25, 2002
you guys have really been doing well...i just wanted to write a quick note
and say congratulations. i have been busy and haven't been able to make a
show, but i'm going to come out and see you guys one of these days. your
rising success is well-deserved, and i appreciate the updates.

July 24, 2002
(Concert Review)
Not until Accidental Superhero entered the scene did rock fans realize that 
radio doesn't quite provide all that it should. Why? Because there are 
rarely any bands played that live up to what this band has started. This 
musical ability was exactly what shined through on their July 23rd 
performance at the Soiled Dove. Performing all their fans' favorite songs 
with all the talent one would expect, it was a worthy show of all music 
fans, regardless of age, sex, or even musical preference.

July 24, 2002
I went last night and am really happy I got to see you all before you're
famous and the tickets are close to $100 a piece. While the show was short,
it was a great marketing ploy to get me to buy tickets to see you guys open
for The Calling next week. :)
I really hope that you get the recognition you deserve - you're a great group!
P.S.--The CD I bought last night has been travelling around my office today
and you're already gaining popularity :)

July 24, 2002
(Concert Review)
AS is sounding better than ever! I saw them on July 23 at The Soiled Dove
in Denver - and even though their set was cut short, it was one of the most
high energy 30 minute shows I've seen in a long time. The new songs are so
sonically rich in melody and tone (all the right ingredients are there...
like great chili) - it's no wonder they're being booked at some major venues
and shows. It's only a matter of time before the right people come knocking.
The most impressive thing about the show was how AS sustained high energy
throughout their set by presenting songs with teeth - songs that hit you in
the chest and knocked the wind out of you.

July 24, 2002
I can't believe the show last night. It was so-o-o-o great! I loved you
guys waaaay better than Audiovent. Your stage presence was amazing. You
guys know how to move. You were really tight, and the music just makes me
want to move. Did you notice the way more people were at the front dancing
to your act than to Audiovent's performance? Keep up the good work, and
let me know next time you're in Denver-
I've got lots more people interested in going next time...

July 24, 2002
I just wanted to congratulate AS on a fantassssssssstic show at the Soiled
Dove last night!!!!! Not only does AS impress me every time I see them
perform, but everyone that was at the show was equally impressed. Keep up
the good work. Also, congrats on the opening slot for The Calling on Wed.
July 31 at the Fox theater. 
Francois Baptiste - House Of Blues Concerts

July 24, 2002
Nice job last night! You guys rock!

July 24, 2002
I thought last night's show was the best so far...You really sounded
professional. More specifically,
1. You filled in the space between songs with a little jam that kept
things moving, but provided some breathing room between songs.
2. The whole crew seemed relaxed and having fun.
3. The venue actually was better than I had expected from a place named
after a dirty bird. Guiness beer was on tap.
4. You did a good job with the order of the songs to show the depth and
variety of your music and keep the entire audience in it.
5. The volume was not completly overwhelming [but you did fill the whole
room], I had a good time listening to you without the earplugs.
6. You were 20x better than Audiovent.
Well, what more do you need before getting signed?

July 23, 2002
by the way........... I REALLY like your stuff. I'm embarrassed to say 
I've just found the CD you sent me and I think it's really good. Great job.

July 21, 2002
I wish i could come to the 23rd show. I really do wish i could see you guys
LIVE. Unfortunately i live in CA.:( 
So once you all get famous or do some tour, hit CA up okay? :)
1 of your BIGGEST fans (not literally tho)

July 19, 2002
Hey guys - This is Jas from Strange Condition. I will be at the show for 
shure, and be a crazy loud f__ker in the audience. We need to give the 
colorado music scene a kick in the a__, and the only way is to support our 
felow musicians. I dig your music, and will be there to support you.

July 19, 2002
Never fear Accidental Superhero, I'm bringing some true fans to your show, 
and none of us are afraid to make fools of ourselves. So, you'll get your 
noisy crowd, even if it comes the most from us.

July 19, 2002
kick some a__ man, i really hope something comes from it. i bought your EP 
and listen to it all the time. i'd sign you on the strength that alone. if 
i were in denver, i'd be there!

July 19, 2002
We'll be flying in tomorrow evening! I'm so excited! I'm planning
on coming to the show on Tues. I can't wait to see you guys play.
I've always been a huge fan. You guys have a great live show, and such an
incredible music writing capability.

July 16, 2002
What can I say? I am so glad to see you guys making it big. Finally
someone in Colorado is going to make it big. And you WILL make it big!
I'm a huge fan, I first saw you at the Soiled Dove and I was blown
away. Your cd hasn't left my cd player in weeks and my family probably
thinks I was paid to advertise you by how often I wear your band's shirt.
-Melissa May

July 15, 2002
I heard the music from Accidental Superhero. I'm very interested in
a CD because I work for a local radio station (Radio 104.6).We have
a special Modern Rock Show(Overdrive) that will play your music.
Can you send us one copy of your CD with some information so we can play
it in our show - we can help you to promote your music!

July 14, 2002
i've never heard of you guys before but i just listened to some of your songs,
I LOVE THEM!!! you guys are totally my style of music. keep up the good work.
Andy A. Cabell

July 14, 2002
Congrats on the MP3 showing, that freaking rocks! And that was against
the "big timers" so that is saying something for your music. I play your
tunes at my office, and the guys up there dont believe you are from here.
That is a good thing. You can tell how much you worked on your sound and
music, it shows. Keep up the good work. 

July 11, 2002 name is Lindsey Twynham. im 15 years old and i love your songs.
But the thing is i can't find your cd's anywhere!! ive been to many
different stores but they never have them. i was hoping you could help
me somehow. you guys are awesome.
stay sweet,

July 10, 2002
I just have to say that the five tunes I have... 
~hurt me badly 
~miss you like crazy 
~lay down your head 
~hold on 
~the way down 
...are all really solid! So, what's the single 
that is drawing the most interest? 
Have a great day! 
take care, 

July 10, 2002
holy sh__ you guys are awesome!
It's so great to stumble upon a wicked band! thanks for making my day.

July 9, 2002
Accidential Superhero, together since 1995, has steadily built a large,
loyal following with their skillfully-produced, power chord-driven,
melodic tunes. "Stand Up" brings together all of these elements and more.
Quality tracks "hurt me badly" and "miss you like crazy" are great examples
of the care taken in production here, and demonstrate the diversity you'll
find on this CD.
With sold out shows at the Whisky and House of Blues in LA, strong record
sales, Top-40 commercial airplay and two songs in the trailer for
"All The Pretty Horses," the band is well on their way. - Cam

July 8, 2002
I was checkin' out your tunes via and was quite impressed!
I do have to say that 'the way down' is solid.

July 8, 2002
I'm writing because I stumbled across a few mp3s of yours today and thought
they were great; not only are the hooks ridiculously catchy, Jonathan also
has a really good voice. Anyway, I was curious to hear more and haven't been
able to find the disc in any of the local stores. Also, do you guys ever play
in the New York area? I know you're based in Colorado but thought you might
be touring soon... would be interested to see the live show. Congratulations
on the well-deserved chart numbers and label interest; I'm looking forward to
hearing the disc and getting a fuller picture of your sound (though it seems
right on so far).
Chris Kelly

July 7, 2002
I just heard the song 'hurt me badly'!
you guyz kick a__!

July 7, 2002
You all are awesome!
Let me know if you need any help with anything! 
Keep making good music!
Matt Jenkins

July 7, 2002
just wanted to say that I really like you music and I think you rock-
I'm telling everyone out here in the desert about you guys.

July 7, 2002
This is my first time hearing about your band. Your music, however,
is first rate - with excellent songwriting and band talent.
I enjoyed listening to the cd. Hope to hear more in the future
from you guys. Let me know if you're playing close by.
John McLennan

July 7, 2002
great band i found the songs on an mp3 site and loved them!
can't wait for a cd!
Ben Wager

July 6, 2002
Hey guys.. I just noticed that you are doing very well on
I really enjoy your music, I have been telling people about you guys.
I hope your music careers accel.

July 5, 2002
Great sound! keep it up!! Come check these guys out.

July 4, 2002
Nice music guys! We need more quality like this. I'm tired of the
nonsensical shock media garbage filled with words I don't feel
like hearing. I like this.

July 3, 2002
You guys totally kick a__!
I heard u through and u have A LOT of talent.

July 2, 2002
hey, my name's amy schleicher - i'm 17 and from baltimore, maryland.
i think you guys are real good, i hope you make it big.
hey everybody, this is amy at if you need to
reach me i can somtimes be found chatting under the name sunsetmysterie9.
thanks bye

July 2, 2002
i have an email newsletter which has almost 60 people on it.
i am intrested in including your band in this week's issue.
I will include your bio, website link, and mp3 link.
if there is anything else u want to be included in this
issue email me back asap.
thank you,
danielle shumaker

July 2, 2002
All I can say is WOW!!! You guys are awesome! I saw your band at the David
lee Roth / Sammy Hagar show in Denver. Are you touring with them? I bought
your CD and wanted to know if I can get you to autograph it for me? Where
are you playing next? That "bated" song totally rocks, in fact most of
your songs are hard core.
Thanks, Theodore

July 2, 2002

July 1, 2002
I'd like to let you know- The song "lay down your head" (radio remix)
has really made a HUGE impact on my life.:) I am thankful i found
your music when i did. That song had helped me through a situation
with its lyrics and beat. It made me feel better THANK YOU!!!
Your most thankful fan,

July 1, 2002
Hi my name is Katie, and I was wondering if I could purchase your CDs
in stores like Hastings or chain stores like Target or Wal-Mart. Thanks
so much for your time! You guys sound great! Keep up the good work!

July 1, 2002
i am a huge fan of the band and i wanted to know if you guys go out
of state to perform. i live in baltimore, maryland and i know thousands
of people would come to your show if you had one here.
sincerely, micah schaefer

June 30, 2002
i love this music!!! keep on making it.

June 29, 2002
come down under and rock us out!
my name is adam rarig and i live in perth, western australia! i am 19!
when you guys make it huge can you come to australia?....
you guys can sleep at my house!

June 29, 2002
I'm a fan from Virginia, and i was wondering if you guys are
planning on doing any East coast traveling? I know that may
sound unreasonable for you now, but if you consider it in the
future, you have at least one fan that will be there!
Thanks for the great music. I'll keep a watch on your website!

June 28, 2002
yeah id just like to say 1 thing.....u guys r rreeaally good
i think ur gonna be something some day.
i heard u 4 like 10 seconds and i automatically liked u.
i just wanted u 2 know that.

June 28, 2002
These guys kick a__! Love the sound.

June 28, 2002
you guys are doing a lot of cool stuff! Playing w/ x Van
Halen members and American Hi-fi! Yeesh!
Glad you guys are doing cool stuff, it's bout time.

June 25, 2002
You guys are really good. Keep up the songs and beats.They are really
great. Never really liked ALL of anyone's songs on -
you're the 1st!
(I've been listening for a LONG time.)
Hope to hear more of you in the future!!!!

June 24, 2002
I just got to see you open for David Lee Roth / Sammy Hagar and it was
Awesome! I was pretty unimpressed by the actual Roth/Hagar show though.
Good thing you guys opened, it made the concert worth going to. I've
gotten completely hooked on your cd now and am glad I live in the
Colorado area so I can come see more of your shows.

June 23, 2002
Hey AS,
you kick monster a__! downloaded hurt me badly, 14 miles, and miss you
like crazy off, I love Hurt me badly the most, though the others
also kick a__. Am going to buy your CD but don't have any money right now!
if you ever come over to the east coast for a concert let me know and I
will be there in a sec. 
your loyal fan,

June 22, 2002
Accidental Superhero is great! Their lyrics are awesome and I wish
they would tour in my area...

June 21, 2002
I just downloaded this 'miss you like crazy' on mp3 - it's awesome!!
I'll definitely check you guys out some more.
Amy Lindow

June 19, 2002
I have went to your MP3 site and gave your tunes a listen -
Wow you are great, I like several of your songs. 
I am considering using several of your songs throughtout the film...
so please send me your CD or tape so I can give it a listen. I'm
very impressed with what I did hear -

June 19, 2002
this is the first time i've heard your music and it's awesome!

I just thought I had to tell you guyz how awesome you all are....
real talent, great music, inspiring stuff too....One of my friends
is struggling with an alcohol addiction and "The Way Down" reflected
the situation unbelievably simalarily. Just wanted to thank you for
making such good music, I'm only 14 so I don't have any money, otherwise
I would buy the CD right now....Aiight.
Peace Out,
Klein M.

June 18, 2002
I found your music on and i fell in love with it! I am now a huge
fan! But with you guys only playing in Colorado and Utah and me in Virginia,
its really hard to get a hold of your cd's or see anything else on you guys.
You guys should really try to expand your tours, haha I'm sure you are
already trying to do that, but this is just some support! I know you would
be a big hit on the east coast also! Well i just wanted to tell you how
much i like your music! keep up the great tunes!
Andrea Barr

June 17, 2002
just heard 'miss you like crazy' on the site. i loved it!
i really like your music - maybe i'll be able to find it somewhere
other than the samples here - lol
later, Colleen

June 17, 2002
Acc. Superhero rocks and I just got 2 friends to listen to them 
too! They also like them!

June 17, 2002
Love your client Accidental Superhero!!! Does the band have any
tour dates for Tampa, Florida? I have a partnership with a promoter
that does a lot of up and coming R&B acts (Ashante' is the next act
inbound) and we're looking for a band with Accidental's type of sound
for an August date(s). Let me know the options.

June 16, 2002
i downloaded your music and loved it! It's not like all the other
bands - it has a really neat twist to it, and i really like it.
I hope that you all go big with your albumns! and good luck.
e-mail me when your albumn comes out.

June 15, 2002
Dear Accidental Superhero,
I listened to your music on and it was great. 
You guys have a huge talent. Don't stop doing what
you are doing and keep up the good work. Hope to talk
to you guys soon.
Luke McFarland
Music Professional in NYC

June 14, 2002
I love your song miss you like crazy. May I buy your single in France?

June 14, 2002
I really dug 'Miss You Like Crazy' ...It had a Third Eye Blind meets 
Semisonic kid of upbeat pop/rock feel to it...I really enjoyed 'lay
down your head' as well, and found the lyrics to all your songs teriffic.
I am planning on picking up 'Everyman', and hopefully I'll enjoy that too.
Keep doing what you do best... rock on and out!
-Nathan Kuszaj

June 14, 2002
My name is Leah and I am in charge of talent development at Howard Rosen
Promotions in Los Angeles. I have been sitting on the net just listening to
your music on and I am impressed. I think you guys are extremely
good and it needs to be shown.
I saw in your bio that you have had success with radio airplay in the
past, and that rocks because that is just what we do. If you are interested
in getting your music nationwide airplay give me a ring. for more info you
can look at our website, or you can call, or you can
e-mail....all up to you. I will also give ya the address here just in case
you might want to send one of those discs my way.
Hope to hear from you soon,
Leah Thomas

June 14, 2002
you guys rock!
I can't believe you aren't on Drive-Thru Records... I totally
thought that you were.
Serena B.

June 13, 2002
you guys are awesome... you should come down to Florida and play
some shows. keep up the great work

June 12, 2002
You're music is outstanding. I was drooling when I heard it. I am
listening to Hurt Me Badly right now. I think it's my favorite on the
site. I will be happy to get some action in the HAS for you.

June 12, 2002
I live in the SF Bay Area and I saw you guys were touring out my way
on your webpage but hadn't posted the dates yet...will you let me know
if you make it anywhere in northern california because I'm really a
big fan of all the songs that I've heard and would love to see them
and more performed live!
Alright, take care, Gavin Stuart

June 11, 2002

Just got a chance to look and saw your note. I'm a bit late responding,
just wanted to say "Cheers" and I hope all is well. You are kicking
tail right now from the looks of it. It all comes down to the music
and you've got some really strong stuff there - nothing yucky. :)
Good luck. - dps

June 11, 2002
excellent music...
miss you like crazy is good
thanks and keep up the good work....i believe you'll be a big band...

June 10, 2002
Hi, my name is Raul Mendoza, i live in Lima Peru. I heard your band
and i just came to nyc, come up here and play, you are not that 1 hit
wonder band, all your songs are great, i tell u you got future, i know
because i compose as good as u do, the only difference is that i don't
have a band, and i work as a business administrator, well... incredible
songs, you'll be big, please come to ny manhattan.

June 10, 2002
These are the most original tunes that I have come accross in a long time...
it's completely refreshing to my mind to know that there is still talent
out there that is above and beyond the regular radio play crap.

June 9, 2002
Hi there! My name is Gordon and I'm in a band Called Panacea.
We are based in Scotland.
I listened to your song on the charts and I REALLY DO Dig Your Song...

June 8, 2002
Hey! Im Kate from Hartford, Connecticut. My friend just heard you
on and told me i had to download your songs....all i have
to say! You guys are great!!! Make sure you let me know
if you're ever in the New England area...I'd love to check you out!

June 7, 2002
Really good stuff man, I dig it.

June 6, 2002
i heard u on mp3 and you guys rock, come out to california so we
can see you!
love a fan,
danielle g.

June 5, 2002
Hi, i saw u on, i downloaded ur songs 2 c if u woz ne gud,
and omg u guys r incredible. Ur music is a perfect combination of
evryfing and u guys r gr8 singers. Ur dedicated and loyal, but the
only problem iz, no shows in England!! I'm gutted! U'll b big ova
in d UK soon, loadsa luck
Love Abbie

June 4, 2002
I listened to all of the Accidental Superhero songs and they are
easily 100x better than White Stripes. These guys are songwriters
first and foremost and good ones at that. Definitely see them doing
well moving upwards and onwards. Anyway, loved it so much I emailed
my friend at HITS about it and he was unaware of the band, but is now
dying to hear it. If you could, overnight 2 CDs and kits to him
and he'll personally play it for the unsigned A&R guy over at HITS.
Looking forward to seeing you on the 22nd. I'm very excited. 

June 3, 2002
Hey guys~
i just heard you for the first time a week ago, when i saw you play
in denver, for american hi-fi. i thought your music was awesome!
keep up the energy and good luck!!

June 3, 2002
I wish you success. Miss You Like Crazy is very cool. Great dynamics,
melodic (Thank you!!!), lyrics not surprising but good.

June 3, 2002
I just discovered you guys a few days ago and i must say, u got some
of the BEST music i've heard in a LONG while! I was looking for some
great indie bands to share with others and i found you guys. You are
truly an awesome band! All my friends are gonna hear about you! Keep
up the great work!
in Jah,

June 2, 2002
Hi guys, I looked you up in I love your song "Miss You
Like Crazy". It's one of the best songs that I've heard in ages.
It's a shame that you're based the USA. There are plenty of people
here in the UK that would love this track too. I hope you plan on
making an appearance in the UK soon. Keep up the great work.
Shane. Plymouth, UK.

June 1, 2002
Hi! I'm Steph from Vancouver, BC Canada. I just heard you guys on
and just wanted to let you guys know I think you're awesome!
I really enjoy the tunes! it's great!

May 31, 2002
AWESOME! You guys are kickin butt. How are the gigs going?
I'm trying to spread your music to everyone I know.
Congrats on the band.

May 31, 2002
Wow, i found u guys on and downloaded ur song 2 c if u were
ne gud, and omg, u guys r incredible! I quickly clicked on shows, but
they're all in the USA, can u consider cumin 2 England so th@ i can
share in ur music? ur so gr8! Love u lots. Loadsa luck in ur careers!
luv, abbie xxx

May 31, 2002
My name is Tim Kross - a country singer in NJ who heard your new song
"miss you like crazy" from a good friend's website "Jeff Gaynor" of
"The Jeff Gaynor Band".
I would just like to wish you fellows from myself,my wife Sharon and
our family nothing but the best. Let me know if you ever need an
opening Act! -lol
Anyways, take care and may God bless you and all you do!!!
Sincerely,Tim Kross

May 30, 2002
I just saw you on and went to your web site and heard the first
three song samples and I do have to say that your material is absolutely
incredible. The sound, arrangement, progressions, crunch on the guitars,
etc. is exceptional!
Good luck!

May 28, 2002
Hey Guys,
Hi, my name is Greg Meseke. I am a radio dj at Harford College located in 
Maryland (WHFC 91.1FM) I am back on the air for the third year filling a 4 
hour time slot 3 times a week that features ONLY independent, up and coming 
music. It's all the music that does not get heard on mainstream radio. 
Basically, it's the music that I have grown to love. I checked out Accidental 
Superhero on and loved what I heard. I would love to add your music 
to my playlist. Would you be willing to help me out with my show? Could you 
send a cd and press kit to be played on the air? There would be a possible 
review in the college paper. Thanks, I hope to hear from you soon.
Peace, Greg Meseke
P.S. Would you be willing to send a signed photo just for me? Thanks!!

May 27, 2002
Your music is awesome. I love every mp3 you got up there. I sent the page
to everyone I know. I hope you guys make it big so you have the funding
and the ability to let everyone else hear your talents.
Keep on recording!
Casey Fenton

May 27, 2002
u guys rock!!!

May 27, 2002
Hi Accidental Superhero,
Following your success in the charts over the last few days we have
chosen your excellent song Miss You Like Crazy as an addition to our station
at Please play the station occasionally to
insure good positioning.
Continue the good work and we wish you continuing success!

May 25, 2002
i just wanted to say that i saw some of your show at the acoustic coffee
tonight (may 25) and u guys are incredible. i'd like to get on your e-mail
list too.

May 24, 2002
Glad to hear you guys are getting so much attention on You guys
deserve it! I f..... love your cd!!! I think Track 4 is my fav! The cool
thing is I remember seeing you play some of the songs on the disk. That's 
a GOOD thing. Very memorable songs!!
Rock Da house and keep it real!!
Michael G - 3DMS

May 23, 2002
Accidental Superhero,
I would be ecstatic if I were able to see you guys play, however, that
isn't a possibility - so I'll continue to play it loud using the limited
capabilities of my home system.
While that aint no "LIVE" performace, I'll try really hard to cry next 
e-mail I get regarding another live performance.
P.S. SEND ME A C.D.!!!!!!!!!!!
Cheers -D.Rarig-

May 22, 2002
Hey all! Just wanted to tell you that your stuff is awesome! I have just
gotten into this whole MP3 thing and thought i would give you a listen,
you rock! You have my full support behind you!
With love always,
Glam Diva!

May 21, 2002
You guys kick butt. :) I'm sending my brother info on your album,
this is the first time I've heard of you, through, I know
he'll buy your album, think I might too. Thanks.. alot

May 20, 2002
I found out about AS on, I was looking for local bands. 
I haven't ever seen the group play live but am looking forward to the
show at the end of the month in Denver. My favorite song is 14 miles, but
I'm sure there's alot I haven't heard. I'm a transplant from Austin Texas
where I got spoiled because you could hear good live music every night of
the week. So far what I've found is what little music scene there is in
Denver/Boulder isn't really my kind of music. Then I stumbled onto AS, so
there may be hope after all.

May 17, 2002
The show last night was great - you really sounded good in a large theatre.
I would just make 3 changes for your performance:
a. Instead of the Colorado Music Hall, it should be the Pepsi Center
b. Instead of $6 a ticket, it should be $40 for general admission
c. Instead of 50 people, maybe 30,000 people
Your music is that good.

May 16, 2002
My name is Rossano Borcezzi and I have a radio show here in south Brazil
that is dedicated to rock, blues and heavy metal history, and I usually
promote bands from all over the world here in the city of Londrina.
I am a big fan of Accidental Superhero and would love to promote your
music in my radio show that has about 20,000 listeners. We will do our
best to promote your sounds here. We will play about 50 minutes of your
great music in our universitary radio show, so we really need your help
to continue promoting great bands! 
Please send a CD of your band because I really like it!!!

May 16, 2002
What's up fellas,
 My girlfriend and I think you guys kick a... keep up the good work.

May 16, 2002
Hello guys, I am really impressed with what I am hearing from you!
I am an artist myself, and was just looking in on the material
of some of the latest promos.
You guys really sing & perform well, and have been well recorded.
The songs seem really well written also, kudos!

May 10, 2002
Nice sound! Just finally got a chance to listen to your demos for the new
songs since my semester is over with-let me know when it's available.
This album is a huge step beyond your 1st one from what I can tell.
Something about the music just flows together and the guitar is awesome!
There are some catchy rhythms-wish I was close enough to go to a concert.
Are you guys making a tour to LA again even though I know that would be tough
on the family? I'm sure you'd do well. Like I said, let me know when the new
disc is available-I definitely want to get one. Hope all is well there. 

Apr 16, 2002
Great show Saturday! I was extremely impressed with your band! My name's Carla
and I help promote YCTA. If you ever need anymore people to help promote your
band...just let me know.
Carla Hernandez
P.S. Lemme know when the next Springs show is!

Apr 16, 2002
Hey guys, saw you at the Gothic with Tinkers Punishment! What a wonderful show!
You guys are great!! Glad you're gonna be down there in May - we'll definitely 
come down to see the show!!! Keep it real~

Mar 29, 2002
Great album, so much better than I expected. You know, I only bought the CD 
as the pic of the kid on the back pretending to be superman is what we do 
when we're bored on swings...

Mar 23, 2002
i just saw you guys in concert at the Gothic Theater in Littleton, CO... 
you guys were awesome! how do i get on your mailing list? i loved your 
songs and would really like to get your CD... I hope that your amazing 
talent will be more widely spread now that people have seen how awesome 
you guys are! 
thank you!! 
~dana lestikow

Mar 19, 2002
We went to your Acoustic Coffee House show and enjoyed it.
Boy, the place was crowded and hot! Didn't have a chance to get by to
say hello, but wanted you to know we think you're great. Keep up the
good work.

Mar 01, 2002
I think a couple of these songs could be big hits. Get it on radio, MAN!
I want a CD! I'm sorry I can't be there to see you guys play. Maybe when 
I plan for a trip home this summer I can plan it around one of your gigs.
Oh, yeah. I get dibs on being a PAID roady when you all hit it big. I need
a vacation.
Well, I'd better get back to work. I'm jammin to your 1 min clips. Take it

Mar 01, 2002
sitting here listening to them... I'd wax prophetic but I don't want your
head to explode! ;-)
Seriously... I had forgotten just how good y'all are. Chris Willard! That
rules. I have to admit I never would have put you guys together with him.
Also, revisiting some of the older tunes... You know, I'm hoping to find my
100 acre wood demo one day. For some reason I remember the version of
brother on there was a bit stronger than on everyman. But listening to the
clip now, I'm really intrigued to find that demo cause this version is solid
as well.

Feb 27, 2002
-The new stuff is awesome! Jesse gave me a listen about a month ago on a CD
you guys gave him. Can't wait to get my hands on the full CD.

Oct 02, 2000
I heard about the band through Ed Mann - he was the best man in my wedding
and turned me onto you guys about a year ago. I live in New York and work in
Connecticut, and I have been loaning your CD to anyone on the east coast who
seems interested in discovering great new music, and so far everyone has
loved it. Who knows, it may start an Accidental Superhero wave out here.
I honestly think this is one of the best cd's I've heard in a long time,
thank you for it.

Jan 24, 2000
Just wondering how things were going out in Colorado (I haven't seen the 
webpage change in a while)? Also, I was wondering if you are ever going to 
post any guitar or bass tablature from "Everyman"... I really want to learn 
to play "Hope" and "Brother", my favorite songs, but I'm not quite smart 
enough to figure them out for myself.
P.S. I'm also really interested in that really cool bass solo, I think it's 
in "Where I Stand", but I'm sure I wouldn't be able to play it. I'm not as 
good as you (yet) :-).

Jan 25, 1999
I have you guys' CD (which I love and it is practically the only thing I'm
into right now, in terms of music), but i was wondering if you are ever going
to make t-shirts or something up, because i'd certainly buy one. I write
"accidental superhero" all over my binder and notebooks and people in school
ask me who they are, so I tell them they're the greatest band out right now.
And this is in Maryland, so you've got at least 1 die-hard MD fan who would
die if you were to tour around here. Anyway, if you ever make t-shirts
or anything, be sure to let me know.

Jan 11, 1999
Good luck with all your upcoming concerts and stuff. You guys rock and
already have the support of a lot of people here in central Virginia. We play
song #10 really loud before our basketball games and it seems to get everyone
quite pumped. Take care guys, tell Kuiper I'd like to beat him with a deer
antler next time I get a chance.
Alan Briggs

Dec 27, 1998
I had a chance to hear you guys play live, all due to Jess Panzer,
my sister-in-law and I think you guys are the best, and definitely
have an awesome sound!
You guys really make it easier to live in another state and not miss
Colorado as much as I do. All I need to do is listen to your CD
and I feel like I am back home. I am so glad I had the extreme 
pleasure of meeting and speaking with you all. Thank you and
I look foward to hearing about any up coming events and concerts.
Keep up the awesome music!!!!!
-Heather Mitton

Dec 10, 1998
Thanks a million for the CD. I have enjoyed it, but must say I do not
play it at full blast like the younger generation does. The kids
really liked it and had it blasting in the car. I have played it at
school and my class thinks it is cool, too. Only they think I do not
play it loud enough. A young gal that I teach with thinks it is
WONDERFUL! She had been to the web page and read the lyrics soon after
the CD was released. Just thought you would like to know that you have
some fans in California. Have a wonderful holiday season!

Nov 29, 1998
You guys are AWESOME!!!!! I just saw you play last night and Friday
at Thunder Ridge. I'm back at school in Texas now, but I got your 
CD, and I'm showing it to all my friends. You guys are an incredible
witness. Your music is the best I've ever heard from Colo. Springs.
I'm looking forward to making it to some of your future shows.
Good luck to you all and God bless.
Clint Stringfellow

Nov 29, 1998
The music sounds great. Both the production and the songwriting sound
very slick and refined. Also, it's good to see some thoughtful lyrics
accompanying the honest music. Great work! Best wishes for a promising
future from your newest fan,
Dale Hamilton - Dallas, TX

Nov 11, 1998
Hi, i ran into your site after reading about the band on's
page, and I listened to some sound clips and you guys rock! I'm gonna
get the CD ASAP, but i was wondering if there was a snail mail address
i could write to and get all your autographs. I just know y'all will be
famous soon.

Nov. 5, 1998
The Web site looks VERY good. Well put together! And I read the "Latest
News" part and it sounds like you guys are getting it big with eveything.
I will have to say CONGRATULATIONS on that. You guys are too good! I
can't wait to hear your new song "Take My Hand" I hear it's VERY GOOD!
And i bet it is! Well, i give my best of wishes on the band and on the
CD. Or should i say CD's. I know you guys will get another one going.
Keep up the GOOD WORK!

Nov. 2, 1998
We found our way up to Herman's Hideaway and saw the show!!
It was great, my roommate and I loved it. After sitting through the
other two bands, we really enjoyed listening to you guys play, the
sound was great and you all played and sang REALLY strong. Loved it!
Thanks for a good show!
It was neat, because we heard some people around us comment, "hey,
they're pretty good." (like people that were there to hear another
band or whatever) So good for you! I would venture to say you were
better sounding than the others for sure!

Oct. 26, 1998
Love the stuff. Tell Pinson that he rocks!
Matty Adams

Oct. 19, 1998
Hey, I wish I could come to the concert!
Unfortunately, I live outside of Kansas City, Missouri. But, if I still
lived in Colorado, I'd be there in a flash. I've been listening to your
CD every time I get into my car. It is such a GREAT album!
If you are ever in the K.C. area, let me know!!
Tracy DeStazio

Oct. 6, 1998
I just got your new release, EVERYMAN. It sounds great! It was a
big hit with our Youth Group down here in Charlottesville, Va. Just
wanted to say keep up the great work! Hope everything's going well
over there in Colo Sprgs.
See Ya Later,
Jason Richards

Oct 4, 1998
I just got your CD today - In fact I'm listening to it right now
over my CD rom. The CD is great, especially "where I stand", "brother",
and "hope". Tammy said your last concert was awesome. It's so good to
hear you guys are doing well, i hope it all continues for you guys.
You guys rock the house, keep it up.

Oct. 1 1998
My wonderful sister (Tina) sent me your new CD and it is one of the
best I've ever heard. Unfortunately, I moved and left Colorado, so I
haven't had the pleasure of hearing you guys play live, but I want to.
If you ever hold a concert in the Kansas City area, I'll be there.
Congratulations on a fantastic album!
Tracy (Hemry) DeStazio
a.k.a. Ickenbocken

Sep 30, 1998
Congrats on the debut album. The songs bring back some fond memories,
like the time our pastor's son maced me because I threw a brownie at
his face! I'll get even with you sometime Jonathan! I can't wait to
hear you guys live again.

Sep 30, 1998
I was one of the happy fans at Colorado Music Hall. And, of course, I
loved the music. AND the CD. Too bad Manhattan's is closed because
that was the BEST place I have ever seen you all play.
Maybe the Ritz? Or Underground? I don't know, anywhere!
I missed Saturday night at Acacia Park. :(
Anyway, I looking forward to hearing you next time...

Sep 30, 1998
the a.s. homepage is really cool. i like it. i've listened to your cd
and i like the tunes. my favorite is the one which begins with fast
vocals, but i don't know the title. have a nice day and feed your dog!

Sep 29, 1998
This page rocks! Tons of info, cool pix and incredibly short download
times. I'm impressed!

Sep 26, 1998
Hey I'm very interested in your band and music! I 'm a friend of Jesse and
he told me lot about ya'll! I pray God blesses your band. God Bless You!
Heather Ballew

Sep 25, 1998
Great Job guys!! Can't wait to get the CD.
Tim Berry

Sep 25, 1998
Just wanted to let you guys know that you put on a great show and
sounded AWESOME ! I wish you much success and many CD sales!!!!
Doug Leavy

Sep 22, 1998
Hey guys.
I last heard you guys play at Manhattan's in March of 97, I think? And 
then I didn't know if you were still playing?! I really loved your
music and have the demo tape with Sometimes on it. But anyway, I heard
someone mention "Accidental Superhero" today, and just about died when she
said there is a concert on Thursday, the 24th! It was good to know that
after all this time of not hearing you, or anything, that you ARE still
playing. What I am wondering is, where can I buy the CD?? (besides at
the concert) I hope I will be able to make it. But if not, please let me
know what store to hit! Thanks.

Sep 18, 1998
Hey there guys! I like the web page. I'm at school,and keeping very
busy. I flew to Las Vegas last night and went to New York New York. It
was very exciting because they cleared us into a mountain when we
departed, and then to add to that, the engine failed just after we had
turned to fly over the mountains. To say the least, I got a little shot
of adrenalin. But, it all worked out and we made it home safely. When
you get a chance e-mail me about sending me a CD. I would really like
one. I hope you all are doing well. Good luck on all your shows.
Talk to you later.
-Jessy Panzer

Sep 20, 1998
I received your CD last week ..thank you!!!!
I must say...all the songs on the whole album sound great!!!
I personally like Mary and Never very much.
All the best to the band and hope u guys will make it big!!!!!!
I am writing reviews for a local mag...I will be reviewing your album :)

Sep 10, 1998
The CDs are already here!!! I'm listening to it right now. And it's
awsome! No kidding, it's great! Man, you guys did it! I never imagined
your CD even looking so professional. We don't have to talk about the
sound here... Over 50 minutes, that's superb!

July 27, 1998
Hey there, I heard your song on REV 89.5 the other day, and I just
wanted to say that I really dig your stuff. I just e-mailed you to see
if you needed any help in the near future.
Bennett Smith

June 29, 1998
Hey, i know your band, and i LOVE YOUR GUYS' STUFF, i love it! i cant
wait for your CD to come out, i have the older songs and they were awesome,
now since I've heard the new stuff, Oh man is it cool!
Well, see ya, and talk to you later,
Jesse Bergeron

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