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contact AS Review - Laura Turner Lynch - November 2002
"Full Circle is a high voltage collection of songs that travel down the often-dark
twisted paths of relationships and life as expressed in poetic visual lyrics.
This CD has energy from start to finish.
'So Easy' is a prime example of the well crafted lines found throughout...
"smile as you really frown" and "lie as you swear the truth" are poignant images
backed by a heavy beat, fervent vocals and power packed guitars.
Full Circle is a complete package of great music by the talented Accidental Superhero! Review - Shaun Dale - October 2002
"...some of the finest pop music I've heard lately, but don't let that "pop"
tag fool ya... This is pop music for people who like big crunchy guitar sounds
and rhythm sections that have as much drive as bounce. These guys are bold,
not only for their willingness to turn it up to 10, but for their forays into
loops, samples and hip hop grooves, not often part of the pop arsenal
- not often enough, judging by the sound of their music."
Denver's Westword Review - Laura Bond - September 2002
"Accidental Superhero has attained something that many music-industry types in the
post-startup era might dismiss as impossible: success on the Internet." Interview - Kim Owens - September 2002
"In the sea of new bands that pop up every day, and new music that continually
hits the shelves, Accidental Superhero's new twist of sampling and urban diversity
is a perfect match to their power pop style."
New York Post Editor's Pick - Dan Aquilante - August 2002
"The growing success of Colorado rockers Accidental Superhero isn't really an accident.
This band has been honing their chops for the last seven years and are about to crack
the big time...
This is one of the most downloaded groups on the prestigious snagging a
quarter of a million hits..." - Mark Fisher - August 2002
"...they have done the unthinkable in my world. Accidental Superhero has become
(in a span of about 1 day) one of my favorite albums of this year...
Any label that is not interested in these guys is missing out on a gold mine.
Accidental Superhero is the future and the future is right now."
Good Times Magazine - New York - August 2002
"Accidental Superhero, a band which is unaffiliated with either a major or an
independent label, has logged an impressive 215,495 downloads on the Internet
music site The group's infectious pop song 'Miss You Like Crazy'
reached #2 on the pop music charts and #4 on the Top 40 Charts, beating out
chart behemoths Linkin Park, Jimmy Eat World, and Vanessa Carlton..."
GO! Entertainment Magazine - Jeremy Simon - August 2002
"Polished, intense, heavy without being sludgy.
I can easily - easily - imagine hearing this band on KILO segued flawlessly amid
any of 100 KILO bands." - Jonathan Sanders - July 2002
"This Colorado Springs band is poised to burn the roof down around the country...
...they're ready with their brand of insanely catchy hooks...
Trust me, this is going to be big." hot artist spotlight - July 2002
"Accidental Superhero, together since 1995, has steadily built a large, loyal following
with their skillfully-produced, power-chord driven, melodic tunes..." RANT! - Mike Po
"...the disc revealed a musical scope far beyond what their influences sound like, fresh
from a blender - This is solid, mid-to-up-tempo pop/rock (the kind I like, obviously),
with extremely well developed song writing.
"Accidental Superhero really does show signs of having such a wide variety of influences -
there is a healthy variety of sounds interspersed throughout the album, although the band
never loses focus of their combined sound. To sum it all up, though - This disc might even
make its way into my home CD carousel - How much more of a thumbs-up could I give an act?"
Geekstar: CD reviews - Nathan Levi
"The first thing I noticed in listening to 'Everyman' was the superb clarity in the recording."
"Accidental Superhero has a great sound. These guys definitely know how to work the guitars..."
"Jonathan Kuiper's vocals are melodic in parts and sometimes mysterious. His ... great voice is
just what this band needs."
"`Everyman' isn't the kind of CD you put in the player to listen to only one or two good songs,
but for all of them."
GO! Entertainment Magazine - Jeremy Simon
"...the long-awaited debut CD by Colorado Springs' own Accidental Superhero is finally out.
It's a really sharp mix of instrumental virtuosity and lyrical introspection."
"The 15-song CD, 'Everyman', boasts outstanding production by bassist Sean Mulholland..."
"Each member of the band is distinctly talented and puts a noticeable imprint on each song..."
Colorado Springs Rover - Dave Olsen
"I haven't encountered a band south of Monument Hill that's as poised for success as they are."
"For Accidental Superhero the trump card lies in excellent songwriting, both lyrically and musically."
"...Jonathan should have no trouble at all endearing himself to his listeners. His voice is breathy,
soft, and smooth. Yet, what is most striking is his tense restraint. Even at his most subtle moments
he sounds two shakes away from belting it out full on."
"Accidental Superhero has ensured that whatever the audience hears is the best they have to offer.
It's that attention to songwriting that has caused people working in the music industry to stir their
attentions to this Colorado band."

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